Wednesday, March 18, 2009

12 wks, 3 days!

So Wed. we had our 12wks, 3 day doctors appt. It was a fairly simple one actually. We just got an ultrasound and that was really it. Everything looks great! The dr was happy and so were we! The baby was sitting indian style in the ultrasound picture with their hand up by their head. In one of the picture you could even see both bones in the upper arm (for some reason that pix doesnt want to load up)! So amazing! We feel so blessed. Next appt will be the big NT scan! This was the best picture we got out of the 6 she gave us. Yay!


kelly and ryan said...

yay - can't wait to find out if its a he or a she!

The Abeyta Family said...

That is one good lookin kid! Ahhh...sooo cute already. I can't wait to hold her/him!

Jen and Brian Tees said...

Oh look at your lil' teddybear!! It makes it all so real. xx