Wednesday, March 25, 2009

8 months..

So it's been 8 months since we have been married today. Yes, we acknowledge the months the first year at least! Seems longer! In a good way! HA! I think maybe that is because so much has happened since then. We have officically known we were pregnant for 2 months now. I'm 13wks..and 3 days! Wed right? I'm really bad with days lately! So 2 months since Steve woke up and said, "So did you pee on a stick? What'd it say!?" He missed the Duck with the words "daddy" on it next to the bed apparently! HA! I suspected I was pregnant all week but we didn't take the test until Sat. morning! We didn't want to have to leave each other after we found out. So Sat. worked best even though it killed me to wait that long! So my "bad, sick to my stomach days" are more spread out now. If I am sick it's mostly at night now. So that is good. The baby is not liking lactose so much so I have to be careful how much cheese and milk I consume. We have our next appt on tax day, April 15th. We get to do all the fun filled tests that day. We will be 16 wks then and I'm hoping that the dr will try to at least see what we are having by then. If not, we have to wait 4 more wks after that! Although, not knowing is really helping us not spend money right now. So maybe it's a good thing to wait! Happy 8 months baby baby!

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The Abeyta Family said...

Yay! Congrats on your 8th month! It has gone by so fast. XO