Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a super great family weekend! I had Friday off and took the morning off to myself. Then Jocelyn and I went and got frozen yogurt and went to the park before daddy came home!

Saturday we went down to Seal Beach! The weather was much better than expected! We walked on the pier, ate lunch and then went to the playground off the beach!

We also got some frozen yogurt for dessert after lunch!

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Davis' house! They gave Jocelyn a fun Easter basket full of treats and toys! She loved it!
Minnie Mouse!
Jocelyn gave Grandma and Grandpa a fist bump on her way out!
Later that day we decided to finally dye some eggs. Just in time! Jocelyn thought multiple eggs should go in each cup to be dyed at the same time. Whatever works when you are 18 months!

She was super confused as to why mom was boiling "balls" earlier in the day. She would point and giggle each time she walked by the pan! Oh yeah and make a blowing sounds since that is what she does when she thinks things are hot!

The aftermath...
Then came Easter Sunday! We got Jocelyn all dressed up and ready for church! We decided that we would put Jocelyn in the church nursery for the first time today! We got there and Jocelyn was practically jumping out of my arms to go play in that room. However, being Easter, they were full! So we will try next Sunday I guess. Up until now we just sit in the "crying" room. But she wants to move way too much now and so it was time. Not to mention mommy and daddy finally got brave enough to let her go into the nursery! So instead we let her run around the lobby with all the other toddlers who also didn't fit in the nursery! At least we could still hear the service!

Jocelyn had to admire herself in the mirror before we left!
She must have thought she looked good since she gave herself a nice big goodbye kiss! Happy Easter everyone!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

Jocelyn asks to go "side", meaning outside all the time. Sunday was such a gorgeous day we ended up spending most of it outside which of course Jocelyn was very happy about!
She pushed her baby stroller up and down the street several times!

Then we moved to the backyard!
Where Jocelyn played with the hose for the first time. I think she played with the hose for a good 2 hrs! Much to the ants in the grass dismay! Poor ants got flooded out of their house!

Now time to fill up the pool!

Whoa a little slip made for a very wet fall! But what fun we had! Such a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Irvine Railroad Park

Saturday we finally made it to Irvine Railroad Park. We figured Jocelyn was finally at the age to appreciate it a bit more! It was perfect weather as well! We also meet Grandma E, Kelly Ryan and the kids there as well!
Aunt Kelly and Emma

The girls played some ball and ring toss games! They give you prices no matter what! So fun!
Jocelyn got a purple flower!
Little chocolate bunnies!
Jack patiently waiting in the line for the train! Entertaining us!

Jocelyn was amusing herself as well!
A little nervous on the train but definitely warmed up to the idea and loved the ride!
Then we were off to decorate some cookies! No chairs so we just put the girls on the table! Worked out well!

Shake, Shake, Shake!

Now it's time to eat the artwork!

We waited for Emma to do the easter egg hunt. She was the only one old enough to participate! But she shared her eggs with Jocelyn!
The girls hugging goodbye!
Jocelyn wanted to eat her egg instead of the candy inside! What a fun day!! Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

18 Month Well Visit

Nervously sitting in the waiting room....
Nervously waiting for the doctor....

Here are her stats:

Weight: 20lbs, 7oz (YES!!!)-doctor was very happy! She gained 1lb, 6oz in 3 months!

Height: 32"-grew 1" in 3 months! Doctor said she knows she is getting good nutrietion because of her height!

Shoe Size: 2-3

Clothing Size: 6-12 month in dresses/tops. Some brands 12-18 months in tops with rolled sleeves. 3-6 month pants/jeans-ha!

New Words: Baseball, basketball, no bite (meaning for food not people)! She will repeat most things you say if she is in the right mood. I know there are more but can't think of any right now!

We have decided (along with our doctor) that we will not see our Pulminary Specialist or GI Dr anymore. Although both great doctors we feel we have gotten out of them what we needed for now. Our pedi feels she can handle Jocelyn's further progress on her own now as do we!

We took Jocelyn off her reflux medicine 3 wks ago. She has not thrown up/puked/spit up since being weened off! Dare we say she is acid reflux free? We sure hope so! It only took a year and a half but we are more than happy to take that!

We will continue her breathing treatments every OTHER night now until this rainy season stops! Seems like the longest one yet!! However, the doctor said Jocelyn's lungs sounds perfect today!

Although after the full exam we discovered that one of Jocelyn's ears has a slight infection! It might have explained the random night last week that she woke up screaming for us! So they gave her antibotics to take and it will hopefully clear it up soon! I can't believe it's only her 2nd ear infection!

So all in all a pretty good appt! I think the new weight was our biggest relief!