Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doctors Appt

Jocelyn had her 15 month doctors appt. It was mostly for her latest vaccine's and a wt check. I had just talked to her pedi last week since her GI Dr changed her reflux meds. So her pedi called me to get an update. We feel so blessed to have such a caring doctor!

So today she was again 19lbs, 1oz. Which puts her down to 3% in weight. She was 19lbs, 1oz on 12/17 at the GI dr. But she was 19lb, 5oz at the pedi on 12/10. So technically the pedi had to report she lost 4 oz. However, she grew 1/2 and inch! She is now 31 inches. But her pedi wasn't too alarmed! Since she is talking so much and walking. The doctor was really happy with her verbal skills and continued thriving.

So they want us to come back in 3 months for another weight and well check. But they are happy we will be going back to the Pulmnologist and GI dr. next month!

So we continue to pray and hold our breathe through RSV season! We know a few children who have already gotten it this year so it's definitely out there again! Stay well everyone!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lazy Sunday

We played a lot in the backyard today! I snapped some quick photos of Jocelyn as she played!

She tagged up the wall and took off! Little artist in training!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Steve spoke at and online conference today so Jocelyn and I wanted to get out of the house so he would have no background noise! So our plan was to leave between 10-2. But we didn't really decide that until later last night so early this morning I called my sister to see what they were up to. We decided to have her and Ryan come down to Belmont Shores with the kids and we would do a fun Valentine's Day photo shoot. Or attempt one at least!

The attempt was super fun! What a fun day we had!
We found a cool brick wall on 2nd street that Jocelyn loved as long as she had her veggie puree!
This was before we left for the day! Love the picture of Jocelyn's belly!
HAHA according to Jocelyn I should be a comedian!
Everything is a phone these days to Jocelyn! Including daddy's temperature gauge.
The start of the shoot! We tried to give the kids props!

There is a really cool park in belmont shoes that is fenced off and has a side for very little ones. So they don't get trampled by the big kids!

No exactly park clothes but had to give them a photo shoot break!
We found a flower mart outside that the girls had fun running around!

We also found this cool mural!
You can't tell but Emma is spinning! HA! So funny!
Big hug from cousin Emma!

Emma (22 months), Jocelyn (15 months).....the age gap is closing!
So fun! You just never know what picture's you will get now since they are toddlers! But oh so fun to try!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 15 Months

Jocelyn is 15 months old today! As our vacation comes to an end, I thought I'd do a blog update! We are finally all healthy and ready to get back to our normal schedule's after a nice long vacation. I go back to work tomorrow but Steve and Jocelyn will stay home one more day!

In all these picture's Jocelyn is singing her favorite song! The Itsy Bitsy Spider! We started out singing this song as she did her breathing treatments to get her to sit still. We still sing it during that time but now Jocelyn has extended that through the whole day. As soon as her hand goes up in the air I know what I'm about to hear. It's just so stinking cute to hear her sing! Her most favorite part is "wash the spider out!" Daddy always adds a extra zip to that part of the song which makes Jocelyn laugh into hysterics! Another wonderful sound to hear!
Jocelyn's saying around 20 words now. Some new words are "slide" and "books"! Also added to some of her favorite things! She loves to sit and "read" books to herself which sound like, "libabab baba daddy liibaba"! So funny to watch and listen to! She's walking really well now too! She is able to get in and out of her toy car and rocking chair all on her own now as well. Turning into quite the independent lady!
Happy 15 months!