Thursday, August 26, 2010

iPhone Picture's

Just some random picture's we had on our phones! The above is Jocelyn playing with her ipod touch. Steve found some apps to download that are for babies development. She loves them...for about 2 whole minutes!
Caught this moment when we were in San Diego! If you look carefully you can see a tea cup with fake sugar cubes inside. It's actually a bath toy. But it became her favorite quickly!

Another picture from San Diego too. We went out to eat at this super yummy Cuban resturant. The server brought her some toast and she was in heaven with her big giant piece! She carried this around for quite sometime actually!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upper GI Series

Picture was taken from Steve's iPhone. Sorry she's not smiling in this picture! She wasn't upset but just really mello since it was her normal naptime.

Our GI dr ordered an Upper GI Series test. It's basically x-rays of her esphogus, stomach and intestine's.

We had the test done at Children's Memorial Hopsital in Long Beach. They have a brand new pediatrics imaging center that is so nice! The staff is really friendly there as well! We had no issues and were out of there within 45 minutes!

We were instructed to not let her eat for 3 hrs before the test. It worked out perfect because she wakes up around 5:30am. So we made sure she took an 8oz bottle before 6am and then it really wasn't a problem for her to wait that long. Liking her pacifier helped too I think!

The worst part of the test is they have to strap their arms and legs down since she is so small. Once they did this I was able to calm her down! She would only cry when they made me go behind the glass so I wasn't exposed to all the radiology. But I could still see her.

They also needed her to drink barium. It's actually changed a lot over the years. It didn't smell so bad. It's also much smoother and not grainy at all! They had it in little bottles for her to drink. Thankfully she wasn't fussy about the different nipple. Although the doctor performing the test wanted to give her the bottle himself. She was not having that though. So he called me back in and I gave it to her. He said, "Oh I guess she just needed a mother's touch!" But I wasn't surprised since he had a white coat on and was a total stranger to her. She does not like white coats at all! We don't blame her though!

So the doctor said that he was not able to catch any reflux on film, but that it didn't mean she didn't still have it. So he said we will hear back from our doctor in about 2 days. Between this test and the VCUG I've seen all of her inside organs and everything seems to be working just great!

So we've done 5 viles of blood, a poop sample (so fun carry that back to the lab) and now this Upper GI series for our new GI dr. Let's hope ALL comes out perfect and he says we never have to go back and that Jocelyn is fine! We should know by our next appt on 9/10!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Girls Rock!

What can I say...Jocelyn loves her car. She wants to sit in it when in the living room, get daddy to take her for walks in it and take it to concert in the park! So we got a few picture's in her favorite ride!

"All done!"
She looks so girlie in her pearls, doesn't she?

Oh no! Out of gas!
She can't exactly pull herself up on things just yet. But if you put her up against the couch she can easily stand and play!
Found one of daddy's books up there!
Proud Daddy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Baby!

Just took some random picture's this morning. I had to sneak in her 10 month onesie photo too! She is not a fan of sitting still long now so it's very hard to get good shots now!

Did some tutu picture's too! But she was more interested in riding in her car around the backyard! She could do that all day long! She just loves it!

She didn't like when I stopped to take picture's! She wanted me to keep pushing!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sonia and Sameer's 4th B'day

YAY for birthday parties!!!
Sonia and Sameer turned 4! Their party was on Sunday in San Diego. So we made a weekend of it and stayed down there Saturday night. Kelly and her family also came down and stayed at the same hotel. We had such a good time all weekend. Super great weather too!

Curtis and Jackie's son, Merrick is sitting next to Jocelyn. He's 8 months!

Merrick and Jocelyn playing!

Grandma E and Emma!

Jocelyn was trying to give Baby Jack some of her pita bread from lunch! Such the sharer...for now! Heehee!

Baby Jack-7 wks!

Bubbles! Jocelyn loved that activity!

Kelly holding Jack, Michael (cousin) holding Jayen (sonia and sameer's baby brother-6 days younger than Jocelyn)

The girls!

Merrick (8 months), Jocelyn (10 months), Jayen (10 Months)

Sonia, Merrick, Jocelyn, Jayen and Samerr. Jack and Emma had already left! Maybe next time we can get them all together again! We were all pretty surprised that they sat still long enough for this photo!

Love these two last picture's I caught of Sonia and Sameer as they were about to blow out their candles! Just too cute!

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

She LIKES it...a LOT!

So now that Jocelyn is eating more solids, we have started to give her table food as well. I made a big thing of spaghetti Sunday night to have for the week.

We found this cool rubber pad at Babies R Us that you put a bowl on and it sticks to the pad. Sort of like a suction cup! It's awesome!!! That way she can't dump the bowl upside down or over the side of her highchair, because she would so do that! In fact she did before I got it secured down. But only a little fell.
After her spaghetti feast she was promptly placed into the bath! What a mess! But oh so much fun too!

Sweat Test

The doctor wanted to do a more accurate test to make sure Jocelyn didn't have cystic fibrosis. They did it because she hasn't been gaining weight as fast as they would like and that is one of the symptoms of CF.

Our doctor called us yesterday morning to tell us the test was negative. We were 100% sure it would but it was still nice to hear that!

We had to do the test at the hospital. We basically had to check in to the hosptital too! Lots of paperwork.

So, they basically needed to measure Jocelyn's sweat. Sounds pretty easy right!? If you are an adult! Not so much with a squirming, already cautious of people besides mom and dad, 10 month old!

Here they put sensors on her to "make her sweat"....they had to tape them on so she wouldn't try and take them off. The alarm only went off once because she moved too much!

I brought a blanket and a jacket but the nurse said it didn't matter how hot she was. It only matter if she was hydrated!

Waiting to see if we got enough sweat. This test takes 45 minutes at least. Oh and the nurse says, "Sometimes this doesn't always work with kids!" Awesome! But thankfully we did get enough to test for Jocelyn the first time.

The blue stuff is her sweat. They color it so they can see if the device actually collected anything!

Then they uncoil it and put the blue sweat into a tube for the lab. We got barely a drop but they said it was enough! Woohoo!
Jocelyn only fussed a bit and never really cried. She was pretty good considering all the poking!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 Months

Lots going on so I missed Jocelyn's actual 10 month b'day post. But this is close enough right?

Stats: 15lbs, 3.5oz (WOOHOO-finally doubled her birthweight)
Height: 28"

So if anyone is keeping track this means she gained a while pound in 4 wks. She usually just does half of that. So this was a really good jump. She had zero sickness this month too! Well one big spit up/throw up session but that was IT! So it was a good month all around! So now we don't have to go to see her main doctor for a whole 2 months. That has never happened to us. Let's hope we can stay away for that long!

Doctors are sending us to the Pedatrics Gastroenterologist next week just to see if we can help her gain even more weight. We will let you know how it goes.

Jocelyn's current LIKES: Playing peek-a-boo, throwing balls, swinging at the park, fire engines (very unexpected), scooting/crawling forwards now (since 7/24), still dancing, taking steps holding on to mommy's hands, playing with older kids still, dogs finally (her first experience was with greyhounds and she was definitely not a fan) and "talking" about her day. OH and when the 7 day forecast comes on in the morning she goes nuts! No idea why! Cracks us UP!

Jocelyn's Newest Foods: Real Green beans, Real spaghetti, Cottage Cheese, Pancakes, Bagels, Watermelon and Cheerios!

Teeth: Finally getting more after the bottom two sat along for 4 months. Started to get another one on the bottom for a grand total of 3 down there. One is threatening to come in on the top side but that is it so far. Although she won't let me get near her front top gums so I suspect we will see those soon!

Happy 10 months Baby Girl!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Watching Jack & Grandkids

Today, Kelly and Ryan dropped off Jack so they could take Emma to the OC Fair! Jack is 6 weeks now! I forget already that they are so helpless at that age!

Steve and I were alone for about an hour, before my mom was able to come over and help!

It was perfect timing when they dropped off Jack because Jocelyn was down for her morning nap. But she was awake within about 10 minutes of him coming over. So not much time to adjust!

However, they got along great! Jocelyn was a bit confused as to why her momma was holding another baby but she was still all smiles!

The fair was a big hit with Emma! When they came back Emma needed some Grandma E time!

Jack was so good the whole time we watched him!

Jocelyn and Emma hanging out!

Grandma E. and her grandchildren! So happy! Jocelyn (10 months), Jack (6 wks) and Emma (17 months)!

What a great day we had!