Sunday, August 1, 2010

Watching Jack & Grandkids

Today, Kelly and Ryan dropped off Jack so they could take Emma to the OC Fair! Jack is 6 weeks now! I forget already that they are so helpless at that age!

Steve and I were alone for about an hour, before my mom was able to come over and help!

It was perfect timing when they dropped off Jack because Jocelyn was down for her morning nap. But she was awake within about 10 minutes of him coming over. So not much time to adjust!

However, they got along great! Jocelyn was a bit confused as to why her momma was holding another baby but she was still all smiles!

The fair was a big hit with Emma! When they came back Emma needed some Grandma E time!

Jack was so good the whole time we watched him!

Jocelyn and Emma hanging out!

Grandma E. and her grandchildren! So happy! Jocelyn (10 months), Jack (6 wks) and Emma (17 months)!

What a great day we had!

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