Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upper GI Series

Picture was taken from Steve's iPhone. Sorry she's not smiling in this picture! She wasn't upset but just really mello since it was her normal naptime.

Our GI dr ordered an Upper GI Series test. It's basically x-rays of her esphogus, stomach and intestine's.

We had the test done at Children's Memorial Hopsital in Long Beach. They have a brand new pediatrics imaging center that is so nice! The staff is really friendly there as well! We had no issues and were out of there within 45 minutes!

We were instructed to not let her eat for 3 hrs before the test. It worked out perfect because she wakes up around 5:30am. So we made sure she took an 8oz bottle before 6am and then it really wasn't a problem for her to wait that long. Liking her pacifier helped too I think!

The worst part of the test is they have to strap their arms and legs down since she is so small. Once they did this I was able to calm her down! She would only cry when they made me go behind the glass so I wasn't exposed to all the radiology. But I could still see her.

They also needed her to drink barium. It's actually changed a lot over the years. It didn't smell so bad. It's also much smoother and not grainy at all! They had it in little bottles for her to drink. Thankfully she wasn't fussy about the different nipple. Although the doctor performing the test wanted to give her the bottle himself. She was not having that though. So he called me back in and I gave it to her. He said, "Oh I guess she just needed a mother's touch!" But I wasn't surprised since he had a white coat on and was a total stranger to her. She does not like white coats at all! We don't blame her though!

So the doctor said that he was not able to catch any reflux on film, but that it didn't mean she didn't still have it. So he said we will hear back from our doctor in about 2 days. Between this test and the VCUG I've seen all of her inside organs and everything seems to be working just great!

So we've done 5 viles of blood, a poop sample (so fun carry that back to the lab) and now this Upper GI series for our new GI dr. Let's hope ALL comes out perfect and he says we never have to go back and that Jocelyn is fine! We should know by our next appt on 9/10!

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