Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy 43rd Birthday Daddy!

 Wake up Chewy it's Daddy's birthday!!!! HAHA!
 My mom took the kids and Steve and I went to 320 Main in Seal Beach. Then of course we had to go to Sweet Jill's! My favorite!!
 On Sunday the kids came home and we took Daddy to Red Lobster! It was my first time ever going there!

 Then home for some of Daddy's most favorite cake ever....Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake from BR!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!!!

Casen started Tae Kwon Do!!

 On Wed night we watched a Ninja Warrior show. The kids love those. Afterwards Casen started to do some "karate kicks". I said, "wow you are really good". He said, "Can you sign me up for Karate!?" What? He has been SO shy when we talk about signing him up for anything. He never wants to. So when he asked to sign up we were cautiously excited! The very next day we took him to a Tae Kwon Do place behind our house. They signed him right up and got him a uniform! He was SO proud! He's already had two classes and doing GREAT! He's loud when he counts and follows instructions so well! He's one of the smallest in the class but does so well!!!! We are so proud of him!

 This was him walking in but he was fine once he got in!

Spring Break Staycation - St. Patrick's Day

 Steve and Jocelyn had their spring break together. Casen and I joined them on Wed! We had a nice relaxing week since Steve and I had been sick for almost 2 wks and both just trying to get better.

 Bolsa Chica wetlands!

 Took my car in for an oil change so the kids came back and were playing mechanics! LOL!

 Off to the Reptile Zoo!

 Dance getting festive for the up coming St. Patricks Day!
 Outside for some water play!

 Off to Disneyland to celebrate St. Patricks Day!

 Steve's mom has been in the hospital all week. We took the kids on St. Patrick's day with green hair and all!

 We did more water play in Bugsland!

 It was Wine and Food Month so we ate a lot of yummy different food this time!