Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Weekend!

So yesterday we ran a bunch of errands that we needed to conquer for awhile. Then today we went on a few more but threw in some fun as well! We went to the El Dorado Nature Trails to start! It was really hot and humid today but thankfully there was a lot of shade!
We saw tons of turtle's sunbathing along the 1 mile long!
Jocelyn wanted mommy to hold her half way through but I was having lots of braxton hicks and it wasn't going to happen! Thankfully she agreed to get back into the stroller...after lots of begging from mommy and daddy! Heehee!
Then we went to the park to see the ducks and swing on the swings!

and of course we couldn't forget the slide!
Then we went home to the AC! Jocelyn didn't even ask to go outside again! Very unlike her so we knew she was hot! The dress she is wearing in this picture was mine as a little girl! She kept looking at the back of it in the mirror! So funny! I guess she liked that part!
Then we played a lot in her room....which she always loves! We read tons of books and played music and had a dance party!

The fan is always a source of fun as well!

Of course we had to play, "Ring around the Rosie" several times as well! So funny that Jocelyn calls the song, "ashes!" What a great weekend!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby Love

Last night Steve caught Jocelyn wanting to "kiss" the baby! She would say, "i see! I see!" and try to look down my shirt for the baby! HA! But I finally convinced her she can just kiss my belly! "Kissing" to her is cheek to cheek! So she put her cheek on my belly!

Then I got a bunch of snuggles!!!!!!! LOVE!

Playing in her crib!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I can't believe I forgot to write this in Jocelyn's excema post a few days ago!

When we went to the doctors we of course got a weight check! Normally we do no clothes but Jocelyn freaked out when she saw the nurse. She has never been a fan of the scale either.

So for meltdown avoidance we put her on the scale with clothes and a diaper.

She is now 24lbs but the nurse wrote "with clothes"!

Which means she gained 3lbs in 3 months AND it ALSO means she is the 25% for weight!
The doctor showed us that Jocelyn had not been in the 25% since she was 3 months old! Basically when the relux, RAD and RSV started!

So it took her 18 months to get back on track! Amazing how that works! But it was super exciting!

6 days shy of 22 months...

Sometimes I want to make sure I remember all the little "new" things Jocelyn starts to do. So I come here to write them down so she can look back on them someday!

Jocelyn started saying 3 words in a row about 2 wks ago now! It's always heart melting to hear her little voice speak! Steve and I find ourselves looking at each other more and more often thinking, did she really just say that!?

Some of her new phrases are:
"Jocelyn do that!"

"I do that"
"Here you go!"

"Oh I know!"
"I don't know!?"
"I need that!"
"Tank ew, Mommy!"
Tank ew, Daddy!"

Jocelyn has also started to love to sing! She started to sing a few weeks ago too! You can't make out each word but she gets the melody down pretty well to know what song she is singing!

Some of her favorites right now are:
"Ashes!?" Which means she wants to sing "Ring Around the Rosie". She really just likes the falling down part though!
"ABC" which she has now added a "D" and sometimes even an "E" to the singing of this song. We also hear the occasional "H" and T" and for sure always ends with "MEEE!!!" I'd say she sings this one the most!
Then there is "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes!" She LOVES doing the hand motions but always misses her shoulders! Heehee!
Sometimes she will sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" but she mostly likes to just hear that one!
We also still sing (or sometimes hum) "Silent Night" to her everynight before bed. She loves this song and her eyes get very heavy once it starts most nights!

Anytime someone sings or she hears a song she gets very excited, raises her eyebrows and either starts to dance or clap to the beat! It's of course the cutest thing ever!

Heartmelting moment of the week was when I had fixed Jocelyn's hair one morning and as she walked out she said, "Tank ew mommy!"!
She now does it every morning and also when I make her breakfast and after I get her dressed!

More instragram picture's! Love the vintage look of them! They could be right out of the 70's!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kelly and Kari or Emma and Jocelyn!?

December 30th, 1979 (Kelly and I were 2yrs, 2months)

Steve and I were cleaning out the office this weekend and he found these two picture's of Kelly and I! This top one is with our sweet Grandma Jane Courtney! We miss her everyday! She was so special to us and so wonderful! But when Steve saw these he said, "wow you two really look like Emma and Jocelyn!" I looked at them and definitely agreed! Thought it would be a fun comparison to recent pictures!

December 30th, 1979 with mom

and then 33 years later......our mom with our girls....

Jocelyn at 21 months and Emma at 2yrs 4 months!
Pretty cool!!!

Beach Photoshoot

We got all the picture's from the beach photoshoot with Matt Arguello this week!

The files are big so I just posted the proof jpg's of our favorite ones! He did 3 different filters for each photo so I posted some of those to show the differences!

Jocelyn's Latest Doctors Visit

*picture of Cetaphill Restoraderm-NEW

Jocelyn's excema started to get bad and stayed bad at the beginning of the summer! It normally comes and goes and stays around her ankles. However, it started to spread and was getting out of control. We had tried everything and those products would work for a few days and then stop!

So it was time to see our favorite doctor again! Steve had done Jocelyn's 18 month appt so our doctor hadn't seen me for awhile!

She was suprised to see my big belly! I told her she would be having a new client in Sept! She is super excited for us!

After looking at Jocelyn's skin she agreed it was out of control and we had to bring out the big guns! She put her on an oral steriod for 3 days and then gave us more steriod cream to put on the really bad areas.

Then she gave us samples of the Cetaphill Restoraderm. It's NEW! She said Target isn't selling it yet but we can get it at local drugstores. So far no CVS's I've been to have it. But it's on and amazon! I just wanted to be able to use the coupons she gave us first but can't seem to find it in stores just yet! For now we will use the samples of body wash and lotion she gave us!

About 3 hours......yes hours.....after Jocelyn took the oral steriod the excema on her ankles was 90% better! Steve and I were shocked! There are still really dry spots and a few red problem areas that still need tending too but slowly we are getting it under control!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Daddy and Daughter Day!

Jocelyn had so much fun with Daddy last week. I had to post more picture's of their adventure's. The HB library was a lot of fun! Of course Daddy had to start the day with a coffee jolt!

Then to the skate park and playground!

All tired out!