Friday, July 31, 2009

Kari and the Rusted Truck

The car that Steve and I took engagment photos in front of was also still sitting on the side of the road! I wish we had a tripod, so we could have gotten him in the shots, too!

On the plateau!

Steve and I wanted to take some pregnancy picture of me on the same spots that we had our engagment photo session! We found the plateau in Santa Ynez Valley on our way home and stopped for a photo shoot! I'm 31wks here....basically 8 months!

The Hilton

So we stayed at the Hilton again. Same place as our honeymoon! When we got there we had been driving for about 6 hours and we were SO tired and sore. They greeted us back like old friends. They saw we were there on our 1 year anniversary and immediately upgraded us to the same suite we had on our honeymoon! Saw what!? Then when we came in we had this champagne waiting for us! So nice!
We were actually amazed at the amount of "free stuff" we got this weekend when people found out it was our 1 year anniversary! Pretty cool!

Scenery Picture's of Sonoma

Steve tried out the new camera a lot on the road! So here are some scenery picture's from that!
A cow under the tree..

This barn was down the hill from our hotel. We stayed at the Hilton again.

Sonoma Wineries

We went to a few wineries while in Sonoma. I only got to smell this time! I did take a few lip tastes of wines that were worthy! It was kinda funny because most pourers didn't notice I was pregnant. Even after saying that we only wanted one tasting, they would put two glasses out. Sometimes Steve would even have to repeat himself and say, "one tasting, she is pregnant" while he pointed to my belly! That finally got their attention! I saw other people notice and look nervously at my belly as if to question if I was drinking! People are funny!
Of course we had to go back to BR Cohn! Their Olive oil is amazing! We had to stock up again! We didn't see Landon this time though!

Us at Chateau St. Jean! One of the wineries we belong to. We are in the reserve tasting room! Free for members! Woohoo!

This is on the grounds of St. Francis Winery.
Inside the tasting room of St. Francis!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Auberge du Soleil - Brunch

Last year on our Honeymoon, Kari and I ate at Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley thanks to the generosity of my sister and her family. Kari and I were so amazed by the view and the food, we had to go back while on our Babymoon!

More on the food later...we are still letting all the food digest!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Justin Vineyards and Baby Girl Davis

While driving from Los Olivos to Sonoma, Kari suggested we stop by Justin Vineyards so I can have a free tasting of some wonderful grape juice; with little hesitation, I exited the 101 at Spring and drove West 19 miles to the tasting room. More on the wine later (it was tasty!)...

Kari wanted some "little stinker" pictures with our new camera...we hope you enjoy the shots of the three of us at Justin Vineyards!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Power of Prayer

My mom with Sonia back in December. Steve and I both believe very strongly in the power of prayer! If you are reading this, please take the time to pray for my cousins daughter, Sonia. Last night she fell out of a 2nd story window in her house. It was a tragic accident and is just another reminder how quickly something like that can happen.
She has a skull fracture with some bleeding and bone fragments. Her reactions are normal and the doctors say she should go home tomorrow with no need for surgery! Such a blessing that there was no brain injury! The doctors say that her brain did it's job by protecting the brain like a helmet!
Complete healing should take about 6 wks according to the doctors.
Thanks for your prayers!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hanging out!

Last week, Steve surprised me by putting the crib together before I got home. He even put all the bedding inside too! We still have to wash everything, but it was really cute! Let me tell you, it's so weird to see a crib in that room now! Steve and I smile everytime we see it though!

That is actually not the wall the crib is going on but we had to put it to the side until we get the other wall painted. As you can see, I have some colors up there to try and decide which pink I want. I had about 15 others up there but these 3 pinks are the last ones standing! Who knew there was so many different pinks!
I taped off the wall and primed it on Saturday! Priming is not nearly as fun as painting will be! I'm going to do stripes on the wall so it should get interesting. I'm going to have to measure that off and then tape it off before I even open a can of pink paint. This may be getting more complicated than I thought! Hmm....!

Emma and Kelly came over on Sunday while Ryan was at a charity poker game! We decided to let Emma try out her cousins new bed first to make sure it would be comfy and all! We thought the look on her face was so cute. It was like she knew she was in her cousins crib before her! As if she knew she was getting away with something! Sneaky Sneaky!
A girl shot...

Tummy time...that Emma likes much better now that she is 4 months!

Emma seems to be wondering what is on her head. Kelly brought this bow that clips on to the 3 tiny baby hairs she has on her head! It was pretty funny! We didn't torture her too long with that though!

Mommy and me time!

Drummin' days..

Blast from the past..on Saturday, Steve got to re-live his old drummin' days! Since his drums were stollen, almost a year ago now, he hasn't had much practice playing! Hopefully we can change that in the next year or so...!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3D/4D Take 2!

Round two of our 3D/4D experience was about the same. I had an ICEE like they suggested and she was bouncing off the walls! Which was good I guess! But she just really likes her hand and feet to be over her face! Her head is turned towards my back and sorta pushing on my hip bone! She has not moved from the position since the beginning! So I guess she likes it!
It was so fun seeing her again though! Enjoy the shots that we got!


A little grin...

Kissy face..with her hand over her eye...

Her hand in between her eyes on her forehead (one her favorite positions)!

Both hands on her face...
Mouth open..

BIG yawn...
Silly smile...

So sleepy...

Sweet baby smile...

Her foot! Yes, we counted the toes!

And back to sleep....