Monday, July 6, 2009


So I've done many headbands for other people lately! But it was time to do some for our little one! I get the lace from my most favorite place, Fabric Barn. Then I dye it! Seems like she will have a lot of pink outfits so I made a lot of variations of those so far. I actually made another purple one too but forgot to take a picture of it. These will be one of many projects I'll do for our daughter! I can't wait!

I had done a tutu and headband for a friends daughters 1st bday outfit (pictures of Sophia to come). I mentioned it to another friend and she wanted one for her 3 year old neice, Maia! I've been making tutu's for about 6 months now! Emma got the 1st one and then it sorta exploded from there! They are really fun to make and I can do just about any color. Lately I started making matching headbands too!

I've also been doing painted wood letters hanging from ribbon for about 5 years now for many different friends! Recently I did a wooden plaque for Shannon and Dominic's daughter. We decided that her name was a bit too long for wood letters so I came up with a new idea! I hope they like it!

More craft's to come!

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