Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rh Negative

At our 2nd doctors appt we found out I have a negative blood type-which I was pretty sure I already knew. What this means for this pregnancy is nothing really. It's all about the next pregnancy that could be an issue if you don't get the right shot. Since my blood is negative there is a good chance our baby will be incompatible with my blood and therefore Rh positive. If this baby has positive blood and their blood mixes with mine at anytime of the pregnancy or birth my body will start to create positive antibodies. Which means that if our next baby has positive blood, then my body will attack those blood cell, in turn, attacking the baby. Sooo to protect against that happenning, they give you a shot during your 1st pregnancy called Rh immune globulin at 28 wks. They will give me this shot again at the birth if the baby does in fact have a positive blood type. Steve has A+ blood so there is a chance she too could be positive.

So today I got the shot. The nurse warned that it "may burn a bit". But it actually didn't too much! But let me tell you I am already super sore back there...yep that's right I got the shot in the booty!

Tomorrow is our 3D Ultrasound! We invited both our moms to come with us as well! I can't wait to post picture!

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I think Dianne has that too.-aunt cherie