Monday, July 20, 2009

Hanging out!

Last week, Steve surprised me by putting the crib together before I got home. He even put all the bedding inside too! We still have to wash everything, but it was really cute! Let me tell you, it's so weird to see a crib in that room now! Steve and I smile everytime we see it though!

That is actually not the wall the crib is going on but we had to put it to the side until we get the other wall painted. As you can see, I have some colors up there to try and decide which pink I want. I had about 15 others up there but these 3 pinks are the last ones standing! Who knew there was so many different pinks!
I taped off the wall and primed it on Saturday! Priming is not nearly as fun as painting will be! I'm going to do stripes on the wall so it should get interesting. I'm going to have to measure that off and then tape it off before I even open a can of pink paint. This may be getting more complicated than I thought! Hmm....!

Emma and Kelly came over on Sunday while Ryan was at a charity poker game! We decided to let Emma try out her cousins new bed first to make sure it would be comfy and all! We thought the look on her face was so cute. It was like she knew she was in her cousins crib before her! As if she knew she was getting away with something! Sneaky Sneaky!
A girl shot...

Tummy time...that Emma likes much better now that she is 4 months!

Emma seems to be wondering what is on her head. Kelly brought this bow that clips on to the 3 tiny baby hairs she has on her head! It was pretty funny! We didn't torture her too long with that though!

Mommy and me time!

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