Monday, July 6, 2009

7 months!

We took this picture on Saturday (a day before I turned 7 months) July 4th! We were down in Belmont Shores to watch the fireworks off the Queen Mary.
I'm feeling really good but definitely noticing my belly when getting around. I sometimes forget I have to step back farther when opening a door! I also have to do a little roll maneuver when I get up after laying down. No more bending at the waist apparently! It's been fun watching her grow and move all the time now. She kicks much more now and sometimes she even scares me since I'm not always expecting it!
We took advantage of the Babies R Us sale this weekend and got our sofa/glider and ottoman chair! It's chocolate brown chenille fabric. Super soft and so comfy! Lots of nights will be spent in that chair we suspect so it had to be comfortable for both of us! Our furniture we ordered from JCP came in on Friday as well. So now we have all the elements to her room. Just have to put them all together! That is Steve's job once summer school is out!

We spent the 4th with our neighbors most of the day! Every year they block off the cul-de-sac, rent a big blow up water slide for the kids and BBQ. It was nice not to be the "new" people this year! We had a really good time catching up with everyone! For dinner we went down to Bono's on 2nd Street and had a nice, long lazy dinner. There was maybe 6 other tables so we got great service and watched all the crazy college kids bike up and down the street! Oh the memories! We walked down to the beach after dinner to catch the fireworks! There were farther away than I remembered in past years! But when we got home we had a better view of someone elses show right above our house. We think it was Knotts Berry Farm! Great day and great weekend!

We have a super busy week of meeting with home daycares, Rh shot and 3D ultrasounds! I'll post picture's on the 3D for sure! We can't wait to see her again!

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