Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kids on TV - Sprouts

The kids love watching the channel Sprouts in the morning while we are all getting ready! Every week they do a different theme and then ask kids to write in about it. This week it was neighbors week! Jocelyn wanted to write in so I did for her. This morning it appeared on TV right at the same time we were watching it! So crazy!! The kids loved it and loved seeing their faces on TV!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Fun

 Casen loved playing with is train all weekend!

 Jocelyn showing off her Shopkin display.
 Saturday we had my mom and sister come over for a birthday party for both kids.
 Jocelyn got Shopkin's and Num Noms while Casen got some nerf guns and bullets!

 Jocelyn wanted an emoji birthday party!

 My mom brought the flower girls dresses that my sister and I wore for my Aunt Kristi's wedding when we were both 7 too! Since Kelly and I were twins we were flower girls in a lot of weddings when we were little. But these are more special because my Aunt Kristi made them. She also made her own wedding dress.

The girls thought it was super silly and weren't a big fan of the dresses But at least they did it for us so we could get some photos!

They even posed with us!!
Jocelyn asked for a basketball for her birthday. She said she likes to dribble at school with her friends.

Playing at the park with our new toys! Casen got a baseball shooter thing too but I guess I missed those photos!

Kelly and I wearing them so many years ago (32 yrs ago I think)!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Casen Turns 5

 Casen turns 5 today!! He wanted a birthday shirt to wear to school today but Amazon messed up and didn't ship it as promised. So last night we scrambled to make him a shirt. Flew to Michael's after work and got a shirt. But they had barely any iron on options. So I decided to go "old school" with a little puffy paint! Mommy thought she would just do a big "5" or something on the shirt. BUT Casen had other ideas. He wanted it to say, "Happy Birthday Casen. I'm Turning 5". So I let go and let him do that. I traced the letters of course and then he decorated the 5! Then I prayed it would dry by morning!

 It totally dried in time!! Woohoo!
 Here he is going to be a 4 year old!
 Getting so long!
 2+2 is 4! LOL!
 Then he woke up a big 5 year old!!! He asked for Nerf Guns and a Polar Express Train!

 This kid is 5! Jocelyn said, "for one week I am 6 and he is 5!" LOL
 Showing off his shirt.

 Before school we went and got cupcakes for his class and Mc Donalds as a special breakfast treat! He said he's "dreamed" of having Mc Donalds on his birthday every year! LOL! When I got his pancakes all set up at school he said, "I feel like a King!" What a sweetheart! Love him!

 Ms Veronica and Ms Paulette eating his cupcakes! Those are his teachers!

All Blue!! Happy 5th Birthday Casen!! We love you so much!