Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Color Run at Jocelyn's School

 Last Friday Jocelyn's school had it's first Color Run! I got to volunteer for it too! OH man was it work! This is Jocelyn with her friends before they got nice and dirty. Jocelyn, Annabelle, Mia, Cash and Abby. Can you tell that Jocelyn is almost a whole year older than them!
 Jocelyn's besties, Abby and Addy! Addy is making that face because she said that is the face she made when she heard people were going to throw color on her! LOL!
 Cash all painted up!
 Jocelyn and Hannah!

 Kiara, Jocelyn and I!

 Annabelle and Jocelyn after the run! What a mess!
 I was on the orange team and it was very obvious by the end! Orange dust all over my arms, hands and by the end....face too!
 Jocelyn got a lot of blue on her! A LOT! We had to put her into the shower before dance! This was more than wipes could handle!

Down her back too! Geeezzz! But it was fun!

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