Monday, September 19, 2016

Family Photos - Downtown Fullerton

 Another session with Heidi Bolles Photography this weekend! Jocelyn loved it and had fun until the end when her tummy started to hurt. But at least she started off super strong.
 Then there is our Casen man. He was NOT into the photos from the minute he saw Heidi. He was crying and putting his arm over his face no matter what we all tried. So we took a lot of Jocelyn photos at the beginning. But Daddy took him on a walk to the bathroom and gave him a break. He came back slightly better. But by the end he had fully warmed up and was telling Heidi where he wanted his photo taken next! Ugh! Takes him awhile sometimes! But so glad he came through in the end!
 Jocelyn found this crown headband while we were shopping for the photoshoot. She really wanted to wear it so I agreed a few photos could include it. Heehee!
 Heidi doing her thing!

This was one of the last ones. All happy and willing for photos! So glad it went well! Can't wait to see the family ones next!

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