Friday, September 23, 2016

Casen Turns 5

 Casen turns 5 today!! He wanted a birthday shirt to wear to school today but Amazon messed up and didn't ship it as promised. So last night we scrambled to make him a shirt. Flew to Michael's after work and got a shirt. But they had barely any iron on options. So I decided to go "old school" with a little puffy paint! Mommy thought she would just do a big "5" or something on the shirt. BUT Casen had other ideas. He wanted it to say, "Happy Birthday Casen. I'm Turning 5". So I let go and let him do that. I traced the letters of course and then he decorated the 5! Then I prayed it would dry by morning!

 It totally dried in time!! Woohoo!
 Here he is going to be a 4 year old!
 Getting so long!
 2+2 is 4! LOL!
 Then he woke up a big 5 year old!!! He asked for Nerf Guns and a Polar Express Train!

 This kid is 5! Jocelyn said, "for one week I am 6 and he is 5!" LOL
 Showing off his shirt.

 Before school we went and got cupcakes for his class and Mc Donalds as a special breakfast treat! He said he's "dreamed" of having Mc Donalds on his birthday every year! LOL! When I got his pancakes all set up at school he said, "I feel like a King!" What a sweetheart! Love him!

 Ms Veronica and Ms Paulette eating his cupcakes! Those are his teachers!

All Blue!! Happy 5th Birthday Casen!! We love you so much!

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