Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Photos

 Jocelyn practicing her ballet.
 Casen posed himself!

 Casen said, "mom are you SURE he can fit?"
Jocelyn practicing for the Nutcracker!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Nutcracker 2016

 Jocelyn is in the candy cane Nutcracker dance again. She's also in the Party Scene this year! She plays one of the kids! She's a boy though so just wears black leggings and a white button up shirt. She loves that party! Then in the recital she will do her ballet dance with the ballet academy leotard and then her jazz dance. So she has 4 parts this year! But they are broken up between two shows this year.
 Same costume as last year! Still fits!! YAY!

 Jazz 2 costume!!

Missing some girls in this photo! But super cute!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekend Photos

 Jocelyn got a new "big" dance bag!
 Casen's school made Halloween shirts to wear! Super cute!
 Casen played BINGO at preschool and won a plane whistle!
 Jocelyn loves making French Toast with Grandma. So she asked to make some this weekend!
 Saturday was Jocelyn's school Autumn Festival! The kids had so much fun playing the carnival games and doing crafts!

 Jocelyn's friend Charlotte who is in Kindergarten.
 They made visors!
 Casen put his stuff on the INSIDE so he could see it. Good thinking....ha!
 Casen had a blast running through the bubbles with the DJ played some great music!
 2 pumpkins and a bat!
 Jocelyn dancing to whip it/nae nae! HA! Her favorite right now....for almost a year now!

 Then in the afternoon we made it to the first ever beach side Air Show! The show was only 1.5 miles from my moms house. So we walked. It was cool to see the planes. BUT THEN the big jets came and the kids were not happy. We had no time to prepare the kids and Casen was really upset by them! Poor guy was crying his head off. So we only stayed about 20 minutes. Walking back they were not as loud so it was more fun to watch from a distance!

 That is what Casen thought of the!

 Come Sunday the weather was completely different. A storm came in and we got some much neeeded rain! Got some added thunder and lightening as well! Jocelyn danced in the rain for us!

 We also took care of our neighbors pug! Casen loves Nala!

 Started off the Red Ribbon Week at school! Which means every day you wear a different theme! Monday was wear RED day!

 Casen hates baths so had to get some photos of a rare occasion! With winter coming he will have to get them again since he can't swim outside now.

Tuesday is wear RED/White and BLUE day for Red Ribbon Week!

The kids Halloween Costumes for 2016......50's Girl and Ninja Turtle!

Pumpkin Carving!

 We carved pumpkins 2 weeks before Halloween this year! Of course they died 4 days later. But oh well, the kids had a blast!