Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Aunt Kristi

 It's surreal to write this but our Aunt Kristi passed away this weekend. She was only 58 years old. When it's so unexpected it's really hard to let it sink in. She was our youngest Aunt so this was not something we thought we'd be dealing with right now.

She was a self taught seamstress even making her own wedding dress! I remember her making this dress vividly as we had the privilege of her living with us for a few years when we were kids. After she married and had her own kids we still saw each other almost every weekend! We have such great memories of those weekends! I'm so glad we got that time with her.

Her very last text to me was her asking about Jocelyn. She was sick and yet she is asking about Jocelyn. She was so selfless and always willing to help anyone no matter what time of night it was or what they needed.
 It's so painful to think that we lost one of our amazing aunts! We love you so much Aunt Kristi! Your heart was so big and you had so much love to give. This pain and overwhelming emotion comes in waves. We know you are in Heaven with your Lord and Savior now! Singing the amazing songs and in no pain! It's just hard for the ones left on earth to deal with not having you here.

We love you Merri Kristen....AKA Aunt Kristi! You are with Grandma Jane now!!
Aunt Kristi, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Cherie, Mom and Aunt Dianne. Five wonderful people!

Update: Added Photos from the Memorial Service 2 wks after Kristi passed away.

 My cousin and I put together frames with old photos.

 We had her bible out at the front table as well. Also had a section where anyone could leave a message for her or a story about her if they wanted. My mom and I created a scrapbook that we will pass down to the kids with these messages included.

 My cousin delivered a perfect message!
Her grandsons! Our hope is they will remember her and have great memories of her!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Jocelyn's Reflux Issues

UPDATE: Results from her endoscope came in. She refluxed for 43-60 minutes each night despite not eating 2-3 hrs before bedtime. Dr said she was born this way and now being 6 will not grow out of it. He said this should have stopped at 3. He said her reflux is "severe" and over time will damage her throat/stomach if we don't do something now. We've changed her meds and put her on a medicine to help her stomach learn to digest the food faster. We will monitor that for 6-9 months. Then take her off all meds again and re-asses her. Then in one year will talk about surgery again.

After Jocelyn's surgery in July to get her tonsils out, she started having a lot more reflux issues! She was throwing up every day there for awhile after she had started school. Our ENT had us go back to her GI dr. She had not seen him since she was 3. So he immediately ordered 2 test. One being the stomach emptying test (above) and then the 2nd was an endoscope. The 1st test was torture trying to get her to eat but she finished the test! It shows her stomach has severe digestive delay. It took over 200 minutes to finish those eggs and toast. Which the dr said it 3 times longer than a normal stomach. So the stomach continues to produce acid over and over. She had scar tissue from the acid in her throat already.
 They had to put her to sleep for the endoscope of course! It turned out to be much easier than her tonsil surgery tough! She woke up happy and in no pain! We get those results next week!

 So during the endoscope they put a chip in her stomach and it read her reflux for 2 days. She had to wear a pack and push 1 of 3 buttons if she had a stomach ache, threw up or had heart burn. She had to drink 6oz of apple juice before every meal to "trigger" the chip.
 She really didn't want to wear it to school but did great! Then she REALLY didn't want to wear it to dance so we ended up not going. Just too overwhelming.
 When she turned the device in she got to keep the fanny pack!! Cool!


 Jocelyn's studio did Dress Up week for Halloween! So she got to go to dance in her bat girl costume!

 Mommy had a work trip and got home just in time on Halloween!!

 Our annual Halloween fun at the Dorosky's house of course! So many kids now!

October- Jocelyn Student of the Month

 Jocelyn got Student of the Month for the month of Honest! We are so proud of her considering she's only been in school for less than 2 months! Her teacher loves having her in class! She helps all the kids with their work and is such a great friend to everyone!

The Musical Annie!

 We saw Annie at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood! It was only girls! Emma, Kelly, Grandma E, Me, Jocelyn, Jen, Rosie and Sophia! So much fun!