Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Aunt Kristi

 It's surreal to write this but our Aunt Kristi passed away this weekend. She was only 58 years old. When it's so unexpected it's really hard to let it sink in. She was our youngest Aunt so this was not something we thought we'd be dealing with right now.

She was a self taught seamstress even making her own wedding dress! I remember her making this dress vividly as we had the privilege of her living with us for a few years when we were kids. After she married and had her own kids we still saw each other almost every weekend! We have such great memories of those weekends! I'm so glad we got that time with her.

Her very last text to me was her asking about Jocelyn. She was sick and yet she is asking about Jocelyn. She was so selfless and always willing to help anyone no matter what time of night it was or what they needed.
 It's so painful to think that we lost one of our amazing aunts! We love you so much Aunt Kristi! Your heart was so big and you had so much love to give. This pain and overwhelming emotion comes in waves. We know you are in Heaven with your Lord and Savior now! Singing the amazing songs and in no pain! It's just hard for the ones left on earth to deal with not having you here.

We love you Merri Kristen....AKA Aunt Kristi! You are with Grandma Jane now!!
Aunt Kristi, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Cherie, Mom and Aunt Dianne. Five wonderful people!

Update: Added Photos from the Memorial Service 2 wks after Kristi passed away.

 My cousin and I put together frames with old photos.

 We had her bible out at the front table as well. Also had a section where anyone could leave a message for her or a story about her if they wanted. My mom and I created a scrapbook that we will pass down to the kids with these messages included.

 My cousin delivered a perfect message!
Her grandsons! Our hope is they will remember her and have great memories of her!

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