Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fun in Casen's Room

 Jocelyn dancing her signature dance in Casen's room as he looks on!

 Sister kisses! Not the best picture but still had to post!

When you are 9 months, multiple photos are hard to get! Here is the best photo before he crawl, climbed & lunged away from me! Casen is all over the place now! He says "momma" & "dada" towards us now! He also pulls up on everything & can get down from a standing position too! He's starting to eat a little more people food but very tiny bites! He can almost stand & thinks he can walk when he holds our finger tips! He also loves water & older kids! Happy 9 months Casen!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Love our weekend!

 On Thursday and Friday, daycare was closed again! So Steve had the kids this time! Jocelyn helped him grocery shop with her own personal cart this time!
 She loaded it up with her favorite stuff! Mac & Cheese (which she calls pasta or noodles!) and horizon chocolate and strawberry milk!
 She even put it on the checkout stand for Daddy!
 But the best part was she loaded it in all  in the car! Heehee!
Of course the park was involved! She took her baby this time!

 Then off to Grandma and Grandpa Davis' house for even more fun!

 If Daddy watches the kids then ice cream is for sure also always involved as well!!

On Saturday Daddy went to San Diego for another english conference! So we set off to Kelly and Ryan's to play with the cousins!
 This is Kelly and Ryan's garage! How fun is this for the kids!! Jocelyn loves it!

 We decided to load up the kids with bikes and take off to a local park!
 BUT when we got there Jocelyn discovered there was no swings! This made her the saddest girl ever! After about 15 minutes of everyone trying pretty much everything in our parent guide to distract an upset toddler we decided to go to another park. By that time Emma has too discovered there was no swings as well.
So off we went to the "tot park" by their house! This is the best park! It has water pumped through the middfle of the sand! The kids love it!!

 Casen loved it too!
 OH and of course it had SWINGS!! The girls were happy!

 Grandma E and Aunt Cherie joined us after awhile! Ryan was taking them to LAX to visit Whitney and Jordan in Spain! They also planned a trip to Paris while there were there!
 Grandma E brought each kid a fun book!
 Aunt Kelly got to play with Casen too! Which he loved!
 Casen and Drew hung out too!
 Sister and brother! Casen laughs anytime Jocelyn looks in his direction!
 Cousins!!! Jack was around but jumping a lot and we couldn't get him to just lay down! Ha!
What a fun weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweetest Baby!

Someone has an ear infection again! Yep, this little sweet man above here! Boo!!! Seems that one of the kids has been on antibotics all of June so far! Isn't summer supposed to be the healthy month!?
We have also been praying for Grandma E to get over her pnemonia in both lungs! The doctor said her lungs sounded much better yesterday! Hooray! She got another X-Ray to be sure today! Hopefully it reads that everything is clear in time for her trip to Spain and Paris!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Jocelyn and Casen Says

Jocelyn is talking up a storm and loves repeating everything we say! But one favorite line she has lately is after we tell her something she says, "What's that mean!?" Or "Who's that mean?"
Then we will explain it to her a little more (sometimes twice) and that usually is enough for her! I think it's her version of "Why!?"

Casen first started with "DA-DA"! Then at the end of his 7th month he started with "BA-BA". Now at the end of his 8th month he has mastered "MA-MA"! Of course he doesn't associate any of these new sounds with anything! But it sure is fun to hear "ma-ma" come out of his mouth!

Father's Day Weekend

First off we celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday! He LOVES Curious George! So they did a Curious Jack theme! Super cute! It was a tot lot park by their house! The kids were all fenced in which was nice!
 Oh no, there goes Jack! He has no fear!
 Emma and Jocelyn played together at the table!

 So sweet!
 Jocelyn and Jack play so nicely together too! Steve caught this moment of us at the park! I just love it!!
 Baby Hands!
 Love my nephew, Jack Jack!
 Jocelyn going down the slide!
 Time for cupcakes! Aunt Kelly made super cute monkey cupcakes! They were perfect for the theme! Also super yummy!
 Then we went home for naps!! After naps we played outside a bit!
 We also played inside where Jocelyn made a "princess bed" with her princess tent!

 Meanwhile Casen was getting soaked outside with Daddy! He LOVES splashing in water!

 Our sweet boy! The water table is the perfect height for him to splash!!

Then of course Sunday was Father's Day!! Happy Father's Day daddy!!! Jocelyn helped me wrap the present and everything!!

 Daddy LOVED it!

 Jocelyn helped me paint the "D"! I had the kids each hold it in a picture and then added the "A" in the middle for D.A.D!

 Got a little silly towards the end of the quick photo shoot! She is very into silly faces these days!
 Then we went out to Orange Hills to celebrate with Steve's parents and sister and brother in law for brunch! We had a great time and both kids did really well! Jocelyn ate a ton too! I couldn't believe how much! The food there is always so good!!

Happy Father's Day to all the awesome Father's out there!!!