Thursday, June 14, 2012

Potty Training

 June 9th, 2012 was our offical day we took the diapers off and put the big girl undies on! Jocelyn has expressed interest in the potty for several months now. She has even gone in the potty but we had not done the "hardcore potty training" yet! So this past Saturday was the day! I was going to be off Monday and Tuesday so decided that it would be a good time to start since I had 4 days straight with the kids. We cleared our weekend and planned to stay in for at least 2 days!

We started Day 1 as a normal day! I took Jocelyn to gymnastics as we always do! But this time, when it was over, we went to Target. We had been telling Jocelyn all week this day was coming. She was very excited. Even though we had gotten undies from Grandma Davis and Grandma E already we had her pick out one more pair on that day to make it offical! She picked Minnie Mouse ones (at first she wanted the Mickey ones but they were the boy ones! Had to approach that subject gently!) I also had her pick out her favorite candy! Which of course was chocolate (we did reeses pb cups and hersery kisses! We also picked up juice boxes and a few other snack cookies! It was such a fun trip that was specifically just for her! She loved it!

Then home we went to potty train!

At first she didn't want to put her big girl undies on! It took a few minutes of convincing! But she finally did! I then set the timer on my phone for 10 minutes and off we went to play! When the 10 minutes were up we came back to the potty to try and "go"! But she didn't have to! So back we went to playing. She had 3 accidents at the beginning. I noticed we were missing it by about 3 minutes. So I pushed my timer to 13 minutes! FINALLY! She "went" in the potty!! After that she never had another accident all day!! I was so proud of her! She went #2 as well! I was shocked at how well it was going!

 "I gotta go potty mommy!!!"
 By Day 2 I pushed it to 17 minutes! She had 1 accident on Day 2 in the morning! But the rest of the day she was fine and went potty every 17 minutes!!!
By the end of the day she didn't even want candy when she "went"! Ha! All candied out I guess!
 I kept this apron on for the training! It kept my phone right with me and the candy as well! Had to make it easy on me too!
 My candy stash!
 We sent the boys to go get coffee with Daddy's friends so that mommy and Jocelyn could concentrate on this new stage!

 We even found some iPad apps during the day! I made sure to keep the TV off all day so that Jocelyn wouldn't get distracted! We played all kinds of games and outside in the garage!
 By Day 2 we were getting a little loopy! She said she had to wear her "party hat" all day! She kept pretending to call people to tell them she was going "pee pee and poop poop" in the potty!
Day 3 came and we had a doctors appt for Jocelyn! I was on my own since Daddy had to go back to work. I was SOOO nervous to leave the house with her not wearing diapers! I think Jocelyn was too! We unexpentantly had to go to TWO doctors AND CVS for medication! Jocelyn was a champ the whole time and only had to go right as I pulled into CVS! Thank you Lord!!! That was our hardest day with two kids and hauling them all over the place but we made it!!

By Day 4 Jocelyn told me, "Mommy I go by myself! You stay here!" When she had to go potty! Oh ok then! Day 2 she had a dry diaper after her 2.5 hr nap! Then Day 3 mommy was so tired I forgot to even put a diaper on her after our crazy morning! But she still didn't have any accident at naptime after 2.5hrs!

Day 5 was back to daycare where Lori would pick up from there! Jocelyn didn't have any accidents in her new enviornment and went potty with no problems at Lori's too! BUT she did make sure I brought candy to Lori's since she said she wasn't sure Lori had any! Cracks me up!

Dare I say Potty Training was WAYY better than I thought it was going to be!! But from what I hear my boy will be much harder to train! Thankfully I have 2 years before I have to tackle this all again!!

Ok off to make sure I know where every bathroom is in all the stores we frequent!

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