Monday, June 4, 2012

Mello Weekend

 We had a very lazy, relaxing, cath up weekend! On Sunday we had Charlotte's 3rd birthday in the afternoon. It was at a nice pack in Lakewood. We saw most of the same crew along with a few other people we had not seen in awhile! It's always fun to catch up! But gets harder each time with more and more kids running around!
Casen got to see Elia again! He was happy about that of course!
 Daddy got some fun shots of Jocelyn in the trees!
 Jocelyn sliding down the slide with Ava!
 Back home we got the pool out and filled it up for some backyard fun!
 Casen loved splashing in it!
 Time to get him a new swim-shirt! This was barely goes on!
Aww nice and warm now in his robe after his bath!

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