Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 3 and 4!

 Here are more pictures from my 4 days with the kids. Monday and Tuesday Steve had to work so we had fun with just the 3 of us! But close to home fun since we were potty training of course!
After Daddy got home we went outside!

Jocelyn showing me her funny faces!

 Casen just wanted to splash on the side and not get in the pool!
 He loves splashing in water!!

 This is what happens when you have to leave an 8 month old alone in his highchair for 5 minutes because your 2 year old is potty training! Jocelyn and I came back to this! Mommy left the yogurt on his tray! But he made sure to get every drop nicely in his mouth.........ha! Yeah right!!!

 After that, Jocelyn asked to feed Casen! Why not? He was already a total mess! So sweet!!

 Back outside to play with Daddy!!

 Earlier we recorded gymnastics on TV. So as a "going potty" reward we turned it on before she went to bed! She LOVED it and did her "TA-DA's" everytime they did! Every flip she was screaming, "WOW!" or "OH NO!" It was super fun to watch her reaction to it all!

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