Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Crazy Hair Day - 1st Grade

 Dr Seuss Week for pretty much every public school means a week filled with different things for the kids to wear or do. This time ours started with Crazy Hair Day. I seriously do not remember doing this last year but Jocelyn assures me we did. But this year she wanted to go big. So off to google we went! She saw several photos of the cupcake hair and wanted me to try that. I was hesitant but ended up having all the supplies at home. Just some cupcake wrappers (that I cut a hole in) and then puff balls that I ended up gluing to toothpicks so they would stay in.

 Wa-la! Cupcake hair! Easier than I thought!

 Jocelyn and Hannah!

 Kiara and Jocelyn
 Jocelyn and Annabelle
Jocelyn, Annabelle and Mia

Emma's 8th Birthday Party-Cupcake

 Emma had an all girls birthday this year! She had it a Cupcake place where all the girls decorated cookies, played Bingo (where Jocelyn won twice) and played picturonary! The girls had a such a nice time together!

 Ryan, Emma and Kelly!
 The set up was so cute! Then off to the side is a full bakery!

The girls all did such a great job on their cookies!

Saturday Morning Baking and Friends Birthday Party

 Saturday morning Jocelyn wanted to bake a cake....at 7am! Ok why not! She did 3 different icing colors too! She did cupcakes and a cake!

 Later we went to a new place called Glow Zone for Jocelyn's friend, Mia's birthday party! It was a fun place but with it being opening day too they still needed to fix a few things. But all was free and didn't have to pay for a thing! The kids loved all the arcades and play zones!

 So many people from Jocelyn's preschool were there too! Even some teachers!
 Jocelyn and Mia-both 7 now!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Storms and Disneyland

 Friday we had the worst storm I've ever been in. The map showed red and I apparently drove right through it on my way home from work. Worst driving experience ever! I was so happy to make it home OK! We spent the 3 day weekend resting and catching up on movies since it rained most of the time. On Monday it was supposed to rain again but as the day went on it looked like it would just stay cloudy and not actually rain. So we headed off to Disneyland for a quick late afternoon trip!
 There was hardly any wait and so we did the Tiki Room and Jungle Cruise. We got right through the Dole Whip Floats! OH so good!!!

 Casen had some money from doing various chores and so he had some money burning in his pocket! So he finally got the red light saber he had been dying for! To say he was proud is an understatement! Such a sweetie!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day and Jocelyn's 3 Tooth is gone!

 Jocelyn came out to her Valentine's gifts and she was opening everything up she flashed me a big toothless smile! I said, "WHAT? WAIT! Look at me again!" She did and I said, "YOUR TOOTH IS GONE!" so we ran back to her bed and right in the middle was her little tooth sitting there! I was worried she had swallowed it but nope! We got it!

 For 2 wks Casen has been talking about Valentine's Day. He asked me if he could take his teachers Chocolate Roses! I have no idea where he came up with that but turns out they have them at a lot of places so it was easy to find! He has been SO excited and bursting at the seams to give these to each teacher. He was SO glad the day is finally here! LOL!

Loose Tooth a new suit and more puppy fun!

 At Costco this weekend, they had out all the kid Easter clothes. Casen saw this suit and fell in love. He begged us to get it! So we let him. He wanted to already wear it to church. It was too cute how proud he was of himself in the suit. Loved seeing him so happy!
 Jocelyn's first front tooth is loose. It's sooo wiggly she can barely contain her excitement!
 Our neighbors rescue dog had 4 puppies! So we went over to play with them since I'm sure they will be adopted soon! Crazy how much more mello they are than our puppy! Ha!

 Kids playing with all our neighbors! So nice to have so many kids the same age. Too bad Jocelyn is the only girl though! :-(
This would be our Chewy puppy sunbathing. Hysterical!