Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Loose Tooth a new suit and more puppy fun!

 At Costco this weekend, they had out all the kid Easter clothes. Casen saw this suit and fell in love. He begged us to get it! So we let him. He wanted to already wear it to church. It was too cute how proud he was of himself in the suit. Loved seeing him so happy!
 Jocelyn's first front tooth is loose. It's sooo wiggly she can barely contain her excitement!
 Our neighbors rescue dog had 4 puppies! So we went over to play with them since I'm sure they will be adopted soon! Crazy how much more mello they are than our puppy! Ha!

 Kids playing with all our neighbors! So nice to have so many kids the same age. Too bad Jocelyn is the only girl though! :-(
This would be our Chewy puppy sunbathing. Hysterical!

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