Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dec 2013

 Very warm December made for a lot of fun Disneyland trips!

 Jocelyn having way too much fun at the Tea Party in California Adventure's!

 Jocelyn got a very shots and would not move.....for like 15 hours! Literally! After her feet started to swell up a bit we called the doctor and they said we had to make her move. Finally got some liquids in her and got her moving and she was OK. Poor girl does not like shots!!!
 Gingerbread time!!
 Casen was able to get in on the fun this year as well!

Thanksgiving Day 2013

 Grandma E came over and spent Thanksgiving with us! It was a nice sunny day so we could spend time outside while the Turkey cooked away!

 Getting silly at dinner!
 Sparkling Cider for the kids. But Jocelyn didn't like it because she said it was too spicy! Heehee!

 We went to see Grandma Davis too. Walked around and saw some pretty lights by her house as well!
 The next day we saw the movie Frozen! The cutest movie!
 We saw it with our friend Charlotte!

Jocelyn's 1st time on the Tea Cups at Disneyland!

2013 November

 Jocelyn had her first homework at work with her new 4yr old room. She has a new teacher too whome we love!! Ms Jamie!

 Random picture of Casen getting out of the bath in Nov.
 Almost thanksgiving and Casen still had his Halloween candy!

 Mom goes to happy hour with the girls and Daddy takes the kids to his happy hour....DQ for ice cream!!
 Casen loves to copy Jocelyn!

 Daddy coming home after a long day at a conference!
 Jocelyn's Thanksgiving feast at school!

Jocelyn's Christmas list below 2013! She wanted a "lalaloopsy hair" doll, Mooshka Doll and a Piny Pon!

2013 Halloween

 Jocelyn had planned on being Lalaloopsy for weeks! But on Halloween after I got home and about to get her dressed, she changed her mind. I told her it was too late to get a new outfit so she had to do with what we already had. She created her own outfit called "ballerina princess fairy". She was happy and so then mom and dad were happy too! Done!

 We went to David and Jenn's again and the kids had such a great time. All the same ages tend to gravitate towards each other. But this year we all stayed together! Even baby Casen was in on the action! I think he got more candy than the older kids even! People thought he was just so cute they kept giving him 2 hand fulls!

 Casen wore a Buzz Lightwear shirt since he was NOT into any outfit at all!
 The final loot!!!
 The girls!!

 End of the night and ready for bed!!

 This was her Lalaloopsy costume. Clearly she wasn't happy with it!