Sunday, January 12, 2014

2013 Halloween

 Jocelyn had planned on being Lalaloopsy for weeks! But on Halloween after I got home and about to get her dressed, she changed her mind. I told her it was too late to get a new outfit so she had to do with what we already had. She created her own outfit called "ballerina princess fairy". She was happy and so then mom and dad were happy too! Done!

 We went to David and Jenn's again and the kids had such a great time. All the same ages tend to gravitate towards each other. But this year we all stayed together! Even baby Casen was in on the action! I think he got more candy than the older kids even! People thought he was just so cute they kept giving him 2 hand fulls!

 Casen wore a Buzz Lightwear shirt since he was NOT into any outfit at all!
 The final loot!!!
 The girls!!

 End of the night and ready for bed!!

 This was her Lalaloopsy costume. Clearly she wasn't happy with it!

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