Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Father's Day Weekend

 On Father's Day we were going through old photos and looking at how much Jocelyn looked like Steve when she was little. That hair is for sure his! Casen looks a lot like him too in some ways but Jocelyn has the head shape and hair while Casen more has the nose and lips!

 Casen just hanging out writing on the fireplace bricks in the backyard
 Just some random photos of Jocelyn at dance class.

Jocelyn Bowling

 Jocelyn went to her friend, Charlotte's 6th birthday! It was a bowling party so Jocelyn got to bowl for the 1st time!

Discovery Science for Jensen's Birthday

 Jensen's cousin, Jensen, Jocelyn, Orin, Casen, Merrick and Jensen's preschool friend!

 The kids had a blast!

 We stayed from 10:30-2:30!
 Emma and Jocelyn playing in the market

 Casen playing hockey!

Love this photos of Drew and Casen

Casen's Preschool Graduation from Carousel

 He did so well at his preschool graduation! He loves the stage now! Ms Tracie said since this class was "special" she had them walk down to Sunshine in my Pocket from the Trolls movie instead of the normal graduation song. She loved this class since they were all 2 yrs old!

 His besties, Beau and Donovan!

 Another very best friend, Scotty!!
 Grandma E and Casen
 Ms Paulette and Casen. Jocelyn had Ms Paulette too!

Such a fun night!!