Friday, June 2, 2017

Last Day of 1st and Pre-K Today

 Today is the last day of school for the kids! Jocelyn will be leaving 1st grade and Casen will be leaving Pre-K! They will be at the same school next year!! Hooray!
Jocelyn wants to be a veterinarian and a dancer. Casen wants to be a Police Officer and an Army Guy. But then changed it to be NAVY! He said, "NO MOM THE NAVY!" Oh sorry! I think he changed his mind after he met the Navy Officers at the police open house we went to! He even picked out a blue/gray camo shirt for graduation because it's more like the NAVY! LOL! He cracks us up!
 Casen is starting to make some trouble.....
 oh no.....CASEN!
 ....and Jocelyn's 7yr old attitude comes out! LOL! "STOPPP CASEN!!" hahaha! Ok off to school you go!! Bye bye!!!
 Steve took a photo of Ms Trisha and Jocelyn! Sadly Trisha is leaving this year. She hurt her back and cannot stand long periods of time now so she needs to change jobs. We are so sad because Jocelyn really connected with her each day! She was always there when Jocelyn was sad or nervous to go to school! We felt better with her there and will really miss her!
Today Steve volunteered for Activity Day! He was assigned to Jocelyn's class which made Jocelyn very happy!! What a fun last day of school!!

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