Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Weekend at Disneyland

 We went to a local hotel near Disneyland this weekend. We love doing this as we can just walk to Disneyland and take swim breaks whenever we want! It was such a fun weekend!

 Casen loves the mini slide! Just his style!

 They have a very shallow pool too for the little kids!

 Casen got so cold the first night his upper lip turned blue! So I took him back to the hotel to warm up a bit!

 Next morning we set off to do Disneyland right when it opened at 8am!
 As we waited for the Cars ride to test we rode the other cars!

 Photos skipped around-but this was back at Cal Adventure on the zip line!

 Casen fell off but was a tropper!
 I spy with my little eye a hidden mickey!! Casen got soaking wet in this stream! LOL! But he never complained!

 In between staying warm with mommy!

 We also got to go to Trader Sam's for the first time! It's associated with The Tiki Room! So fun.
 Rock climbing!
 We did the adventure nature park in Cal Adventure's this time! You can put your hand in the cave and it tells you what animal you are most like! Jocelyn did it a lot and got almost all of the animals at least once! Casen got Moose!

 This was all of our first times on the Cars ride! Casen liked it until the dips! Then he freaked out!

 This is Casen crying after all the dips! Poor baby!

 We did the animation drawing as a family! So fun! We did Piglet first and then went back Sunday and did Winne the Pooh.

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