Monday, May 8, 2017

Cypress Police Open House

 Since Casen is really into saying he wants to be a police officer, of course we had to check out their open house. Casen insisted he go in his own police office uniform too! It was TOO cute!
 First we went on the Naval Security ship for the Navy! Casen's mind was blown that there was police on the water. We ended up going on this boat 3 times!!!
 Jocelyn loves the police dogs! This blood hound was too cute with his droopy red eyes!

 Then we got to watch the SWAT demo! It was so cool because we had a front row seat. The flash bangs and pretend guns were as loud I was afraid they would be! Pretty cool to have a front row seat!

 Back to the Navy! Trying our their guns!
 He even got to try on their vests which he said were very heavy!

 Here he was checking out a booth with old police photos!
 Then he got to look at the SWAT van!

 Jocelyn got her face painted while were were in the van!

 police horses!
 Then all the sudden Casen discovered a TINY cut on his finger that he INSISTED must have a band-aid immediately! :-/ So he made me ask a fireman! Of course he had one!

 Then we got a tour of the dept! It was a little different than last year! So the kids got to see new things. We saw the jail and this below is the drunk tank!

 The kids loved this! This was the booking room!
 They even let us stand in the shooting range part this time! Kids thought that was fantastic!

 Casen punched a dummy and it was MUCH harder than he thought!
 Riding the police motorcycle's! So nice of them to let the kids ride on them!

 Then it was off to tour the ambulance! We took our neighbor with us too! Casen and Gavin looked too cute in those helmets!

 Jocelyn got to hear his heartbeat! Then they played with the neck brace! Sitting next to Jocelyn his a friend from school Hannah! The girls thought the next brace was too funny!

 Casen wanted to try of course too!
 Then the police dog demo started! What a fun thing to see!

 Time to sit in the police car!

 They were dying to pet the dogs so we went over when not many people were there! The kids loved that part!
We ended up staying 3.5 hrs! The kids had such a blast it flew by! What a fun event for kids!

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