Monday, May 8, 2017

Dance Photo Shoot Day! Jazz 2 and Chimney Sweepers

 Jocelyn let me do wet eyelid liner on the first day of the photoshoot but not the second day! boo! haha!
 Ready to go in! She wouldn't let me take a photo!
 Charlotte and Jocelyn!
 Abigail, Jocelyn and Charlotte!
 Most of the class with their teacher Miss Esther!
1st Row: Makayla, Jocelyn, Miss Esther, Kayli, Aubrey
2nd Row: Charlotte, Abigial, Stella and not sure her name :-/
 Jocelyn giving me a sassy pose!
 Afterwards I said I could see what she will look like as a teenager because of her makeup! LOL!
 Annnnd Day 2! Chimney Sweepers for Mary Poppins! The outfits are really cute just a bit big and the glitter on them just falls off non-stop! Silver glitter all over my house!! Ekk!
 Jocelyn and Devan! They all looked the same in those hats!

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