Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Casen and the Scooter

 After we got home from Palm Springs we let the kids run around outside to get some energy out! Jocelyn always rides her tricycle outside and then her scooter. Casen is always after the scooter everytime! So this day I decided to put him on it. He immediately held on and grabbed the hand bars! So I push it down the driveway and up and down the street! He never moved and was smiling the whole time!!!
 Momma was a little scared to let go at first!
 As you can tell Jocelyn wasn't super excited to let him use it but she dealt with it pretty well!
I love his little legs!!

Whitney, Angel's Game, Palm Springs

 My cousin Whitney flew back from Spain last week! It's been a year since we had seen her so it was so great to catch up again! Even though we have been staying in touch through Skyping and facebook! So I took Thursday and Friday off to get more time with her! Steve stayed home with the kids during the day and then met us back at Kelly's house after naps! Kelly got Grandma E to watch Drew while the other two kids were in school! So then three cousins got to be "Lunching Ladies" for the day! We went to a super nice lunch right off the water in Manhattan Beach! Then we went to get our nails done! Such a fun afternoon just catching up with no interuptions!

 Then Steve came over with the kids and Ryan picked up his kids and they all got to play while we had dinner together! So relaxing!

Friday I took the kids to my moms and Steve and I got to go to an Angel game to celebrate our anniversary! We went to dinner 1st as well! It was such a great date night!! We were to the right of home plate on the very last level! Right in the middle of the action!
My mom took the kids overnight so then we woke up, picked up the kids and took off to Palm Springs were we met our good friends David and Jenn with their two kids! Steve got some good pictures so I will post those once we get them loaded up!
It was 111-118 while we were there! We stayed at David's moms condo though that has it's own pool! So the kids loved it! We played in the pool all day, then half the kids took naps and then we all went to dinner! We came back to the house to watch the Olympics! We both had our own rooms with our own bathrooms which made things much easier! A whirlwind of events in 4 days but it was all really relaxing and fun!

Jocelyn the Surfer Girl

This is Jocelyn at Lolo's learnign to surf on Cam's wake board. They were about to take off to vacation and Lolo's daughter taught Jocelyn how to stand on the board! Now she shows us ALL the time! She does it on her scooter or in the middle of the living room! There is a cartoon that does it too and she loves to watch it. She says she wants a pink surf board of course!
But then the other day when we were at the beach a wave knocked her down! That didn't make her want to surf anytime soon! We will get her back in the ocean sometime soon again but probably back to mother's beach with no waves again!

Jocelyn the Ballerina

She wanted to wear a ballet outfit but then decided it was too itchy!
 Jocelyn has been talking about dancing for awhile! She LOVES to dance for us! She makes up dances or just dances for us. She now tells me that I can put her in dance! I looked up classes but she has to be 3 everywhere we look. So just a few more months and we can get her into dance too! She still loves gymnastics but we will see how it goes after she starts dance.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy 4 years to US!

Happy 4 year Anniversary, Stephen! Most people say they can't believe it's been "fill in the blank" years. But 4 doesn't sound like a lot compared to things we have accomplished together!

I feel so blessed to have a great husband and father to our kids! Through every new adventure we have done it together with each others amazing support!

Through our 1st pregnancy filled with doctors visits and blood draws that I absolutely hate, you were there! Just looking into your eyes each time I was terrified of yet another needle, you always calmed me down! I know I could never have gotten through it without you!

Through Jocelyn's 1st crazy year, you were there every step of the way! Never giving up and supporting any new route we needed to try!

I love how both our kids love you so much! You play with them, support them and encourage them just as you have me!

I knew when I found you that you would be an amazing husband and father!

I love that we still look at each other like we do in this photo 4 years ago when we walked down the aisle to say "I do!"

Happy Anniversary Baby Baby! I love you!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy 10 Months!

Please note Casen's skin was not hurt during the making of this hug, even though it looks like it might have been-alarmed the momma for sure! Daddy assured me he didn't even cry!
Casen turned 10 month old yesterday! I feel like his 9th month was his fastest yet! It flew by at lightening speed! What is it about saying he is 10 months that makes him not sound like a baby anymore? Of course he will always be my baby! But 10 is just sitting there with it's double digit being all 10 and big and mighty! Sigh....! I still look at him and see my tiny newborn though! He is so fun every day though and always has a smile for us when we look in his direction!

Weight: 20lbs, 14oz (as of last week)
Height: not sure
Feet: size 2's
Clothes: 9-12 months
Teeth: NONE! I can't believe he has none. Although he is showing signs of teething but none have broken through yet!
Sounds: "Ga" is what is so far calls Jocelyn! "Ba-Ba", "Da-Da" still a lot.
Hair: Blond with patches of dirty blond in the back.
Likes: Big peoples food (especially eggs and bananas) and those fruit/veggie pouches! Although he still loves his bottle. Loves water, baths (especially if Jocelyn is in the bath too), playing with toys, crawling around, pulling up on everything and walking around the furniture, babbling, singing, dancing, waving "bye-bye", having his hands washed-still tickles him it seems.
Dislikes: Having his diaper changed without having something to play with, mommy leaving, not feeding him fast enough, Jocelyn not being awake when he wakes up (he would bang on her door saying "GA" if I let him), nails being cut (unless mommy sings during it), waiting for his bath to be ready.

Happy 10 months to our little man, Casen! We love you so much buddy!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

"Pink Princess Bed"

 It's always so fun to suprised Jocelyn because she always has the best reaction! We ordered her some princess decals to put on her bed! I wanted something that wasn't forever and that we could take off and re-stick other places! So I thought these would be perfect! Of course they were a huge hit!

 She wanted me to put them on for her. She showed me where she wanted them each to go!

 Posing with her princesses!
You can also see the pink roses we put on her bed to "pink it up" a bit! There is nothing better when Jocelyn says, "I LOVE IT MOMMY! THANK YOU!" It's just so genuine when she says it, it melts your heart!

Cousin Photos

Here are most of the photos I took of the kids in the park for Grandma's birthday present!

This is the one we picked to make a 16 X 20 canvas frame out of!
Super cute of Nicolas, not so much of Casen.....

This was the only other one we considered for the canvas frame.
This one is super sweet but wanted all kids looking at the camera!

Love how this came out! Such a lucky shot that all kids are evenly spaced out! Love the pigtails flying in the wind!

This was Steve's favorite one!