Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grandma Phyllis

My Uncle Dan sent me this photo last week! He found it tucked away in a book! How cool is this? The older girl on the chair is my grandma Phyllis (my dad's mom). So that makes her Casen and Jocelyn's Great-Grandma! The other little girl is her sister Elsa! My grandma also had a brother named, Bob who was not born at the time this photo was taken. My grandma was the oldest! It was taken in Michigian. There is no date on the back but estimating by when she was born (3/17/1910) this was taken around 1914-15. My Grandma Phyllis passed away July 23rd, 2001 (11 years ago this coming Monday) at 91 years old. My Grandpa passed away a few years before her at 87 years old!

We went to visit her and my Grandpa Dan almost every summer while my sister and I grew up! My Uncle Dan and Aunt Nancy live out there as well along with my cousins! I some great memories of going back to Indiana for those summers! We always stayed in my grandparents house which was over 100 years old (same house my grandpa was born in)! I have some fun memories of shopping with her, having her take us to get ice cream, driving on those country roads and listening to some seriously intense thunder and lightening summer storms!

Since our cousins were about our same age we would do everything together while we were there! We would take horse and buggy rides with the Amish, swiming in the lake, pontoon boating and we always had a lemonade stand at least once! Such great memories!

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