Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy 4 years to US!

Happy 4 year Anniversary, Stephen! Most people say they can't believe it's been "fill in the blank" years. But 4 doesn't sound like a lot compared to things we have accomplished together!

I feel so blessed to have a great husband and father to our kids! Through every new adventure we have done it together with each others amazing support!

Through our 1st pregnancy filled with doctors visits and blood draws that I absolutely hate, you were there! Just looking into your eyes each time I was terrified of yet another needle, you always calmed me down! I know I could never have gotten through it without you!

Through Jocelyn's 1st crazy year, you were there every step of the way! Never giving up and supporting any new route we needed to try!

I love how both our kids love you so much! You play with them, support them and encourage them just as you have me!

I knew when I found you that you would be an amazing husband and father!

I love that we still look at each other like we do in this photo 4 years ago when we walked down the aisle to say "I do!"

Happy Anniversary Baby Baby! I love you!!

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