Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Less choking, More Eating!

 Casen is finally eating solid (like real solids-not pureed) without choking! Since babies have a super sensitive gage reflux that is much closer to the front of their mouths than adults, you see a lot of the "gaging" face while they learn to eat. I hate that face! I hate it because it scares me every time even though I know it just means he is learning to eat! But that never makes me feel any better at that exact moment!

On Sunday I had let Jocelyn's mac and cheese sit a little too long in the water. So it was super mushy and the noodles were breaking opened. Casen was very interested in getting his hands on them anyways! Just like he is with all foods that he sees anyone else in the room eating. He clenches his fists and grunts until someone gives in and gives him a nibble!

So I decided to give him a tiny noodle. He gobbled it down and even did a little giggle in the process! He did great and no choking face! So I gave him one after the other which he giggled at each time! Love this kid!!

Last night we tried it with a fork! WHICH he wanted to do himself of course! He would grab the fork the minute it came close to his mouth, shove the food in his mouth and then sort of drop it back on the tray as if he wanted me to put more food on it! Hilarious!
He is also really loving yogurt now too! I can't get it in his mouth fast enough! He even tries to grab the container and drink it down! Really glad he loves food but I see big grocery bills in my future!

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