Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sick Baby

When I got home from work yesterday, Steve said Casen was warm! I felt him and yet, for sure he had a fever! We took his temp and it was 101.5! He wouldn't eat much and was pulling on his ears! I thought it was an ear infection so wanted to get him meds right away! We all went to our Urgent Care only to find out his ears we perfect! Say what? The doctor said obviously his body is fighting something and it's a good thing to see a fever.

Last night wasn't ideal but it was better than we thought considering he didn't feel well! He ran a fever all night as well and into the morning. So first thing Steve took him to our pedi! They too said no ear infection and are calling it a flu like illness..possible/probably a virus! They said we should expect him to be this way on and off for a few more days!

Daddy is taking good care of him all day long! We hope he feels better soon!

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