Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday Grandma Davis

 What a big milestone for Grandma Davis this weekend! She turned 70 years old on Sunday! We all celebrated by going to Mr.Stoxx! It was of course amazing service and food as always!

To surprise her I had my sister in law meet us at a park and I took picture's of all 3 kids. It wasn't easy since Jocelyn wasn't into it at first! Then Casen started to melt down. But once the kids were able to do their own thing and run around a bit they all relaxed and I got some good shots! However, there was only 2 photos that were frame worthy! I wanted to make sure all 3 kids were looking at/or near the camera AND had happy or almost happy looks! Not an easy task with three under 7! I took the best photo and had it put on a 16 x 20 canvas from Costco! They did an amazing job! I took the remaining photos and put them in a frame that held 4, 4x6 photos!

I'll post some of the highlight photos tonight. Too bad that these photos are so dark. It was only on my phone and it was pretty dark at the resturaunt.
 After dinner picture with grandma and her grandkids! I love how Jocelyn has her hand on Grandma's arm!
 Robin brought a pretty bouquet of flowers for the centerpiece!
Jocelyn and Casen did so well considering their age! Casen was extremely quiet the whole time and just took in the scene! Jocelyn started to get a little restless at the end and Steve took her outside for a bit! Then she came back to get some chocolate ice cream! What a great night!

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