Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Whitney, Angel's Game, Palm Springs

 My cousin Whitney flew back from Spain last week! It's been a year since we had seen her so it was so great to catch up again! Even though we have been staying in touch through Skyping and facebook! So I took Thursday and Friday off to get more time with her! Steve stayed home with the kids during the day and then met us back at Kelly's house after naps! Kelly got Grandma E to watch Drew while the other two kids were in school! So then three cousins got to be "Lunching Ladies" for the day! We went to a super nice lunch right off the water in Manhattan Beach! Then we went to get our nails done! Such a fun afternoon just catching up with no interuptions!

 Then Steve came over with the kids and Ryan picked up his kids and they all got to play while we had dinner together! So relaxing!

Friday I took the kids to my moms and Steve and I got to go to an Angel game to celebrate our anniversary! We went to dinner 1st as well! It was such a great date night!! We were to the right of home plate on the very last level! Right in the middle of the action!
My mom took the kids overnight so then we woke up, picked up the kids and took off to Palm Springs were we met our good friends David and Jenn with their two kids! Steve got some good pictures so I will post those once we get them loaded up!
It was 111-118 while we were there! We stayed at David's moms condo though that has it's own pool! So the kids loved it! We played in the pool all day, then half the kids took naps and then we all went to dinner! We came back to the house to watch the Olympics! We both had our own rooms with our own bathrooms which made things much easier! A whirlwind of events in 4 days but it was all really relaxing and fun!

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