Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jocelyn Says

I haven't done a "Jocelyn says" post for awhile. She has been saying some pretty funny stuff lately so I had to get it all down before I forget!

While Driving this weekend Jocelyn saw a fire truck. She said, "Mommy, I wanna be a fireman when I get BIG and climb the latter!"
*makes me proud and terrified all in the same second

We often ask Jocelyn about what she dreams about. Not until recently has she had a really solid response. The past couple weeks she has told me she dreams of Unicorns! Last night she told me, "the unicorns have lots of hair! They have pink, yellow and black hair!"
*Cracks me up!

She is on a princess kick lately! She is very specific about her princess. She says they are only Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderalla. She loves Ariel but said Ariel is not a princess because she is a mermaid! Well of course she is! Daddy bought her a Sing-A-Long princess DVD that features the main some of some disney movies. Everyone you can think of is in there. She LOVES to dance around the room to the songs!
So now when we talk to her about converting her crib to a "big girl bed" she says "and Daddy is will paint it PINK with princesses all on it!" She said she wants a princess pillowcase with "words on it"! So we are working on that now!

Speaking of dance, Jocelyn told me last night, "I'm going to dance and be on TV on a stage mommy!" "You put me in dance!" She has been saying, "you put me in dance" for a few days only now. So we will start looking into that. I think she is still a little young to start a full on class right now though. Probably after she turns 3!

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