Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Girl Bed!

 Jocelyn has been asking for a "big girl bed that is pink with princesses on it that is SO pwedy" for a few weeks now. She also has been waking us up to take her potty in the middle of the night so she was definitely ready. Since we have to 3-1 crib that goes from crib, to toddler bed then to a full size with a headboard and footboard we didn't have to buy her another bed. Steve just took off one side of her crib and put the toddler attachement on! This will keep her from rolling out still!

So last night was the big reveal! We closed her door and told her we had a surprise in her room for her! So Steve stayed in the room and I walked her to her door. We wanted to get both perspectives of her reaction!

 Seeing it.....
 Big smiles....

 RUNNING to the bed!!
 Over joyed! She loved it and came running to me and gave me a giant hug that almost knocked me over saying, "thank you mommy!" Nothing like that!! So glad she liked it!

 She can get in and out very easily!

To make her big girl complete I got her a princess pillow case! It has Belle and Cinderalla on it! We also ordered decals since she wanted more princesses on it. Pretty sure she still wants Daddy to paint her bed pink! But we will leave it brown for now. I might add some pink fabric or ribbon to it to "princess it up" for her!
Sniff Sniff. I'm so glad she is moving forward but what mom can't help but relfect back to when their baby was first placed in their crib! You prepare for it all so much and then when you take down the baby bedding and change the crib to a big girl bed it's very emotional! We put her in her crib for the 1st time when she was 3 months old on NYE's 12/31/09 and now she in her big girl bed as of 7/12/12!

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