Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pool Time

 Last Friday we went to my moms to see my cousins wife Amy and their two kids! We also wanted to see my mom and Aunt Cherie and hear about their trip to Spain and Paris!

Jocelyn had a blast in the pool. It really was the first time she did as well. I think it helped that mommy went in this time. This was also Casen's first time in the pool ever! He loved it! Not one tear and splashed and smiled the whole time!!! Hooray!
 Grandma E got some Drew time! He is wearing one of Casen's old outfits! So sweet!
 Mommy, Casen, Aunt Kelly and Emma (I think Emma got splashed!)
 Casen giving mommy kisses.....he loves doing that!
 Uncle Ryan and Jocelyn!

 Uncle Ryan got Jocelyn in a lifevest and she felt much more comfortable! Thanks Uncle Ryan!

 Back to our dry clothes and a snack for each kid! Happy kids!
 Ok happy Jack! Ha! Very happy Jack as always!!

 Casen hanging out with Emma!
 Jocelyn and Jack....bestie cousins!

 Uncle Ryan was helping Casen walk to Grandma E! So sweet!

 Emma, Grandma E and Jocelyn walking back from the pool!
Dinner time!

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