Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1st Converse!

 Way back on Jocelyn's 1st birthday, she got her 1st pair of Converse shoes! One of Steve's friends from college, Scott and Alana gave them to her! They were pink and size 6! I rememeber opening them seeing how big they were and being hopeful that Jocelyn would grow into them soon. But looking back at her 1 year old, size 2 feet, it seemed so far away!

At 2 years old her feet were a perfect 5 in most shoes! At 2 1/2 years she was starting to slowly move to a 6 but really only in Target brand as they run a little small. Most other brands the 6 was still too big.

Last night the converse box that sat on her shelf for over 2 years caught my eye. I knew it was a 6 but thought maybe we should try them! You never want your kid to skip right past a good pair of shoes before they can wear them so it was worth trying them again!

Low and behold they FIT! Now, there is probably a good 1" between her big toe and the end of the shoes. They are also a little loose around the heel. However, with converse it really didn't matter since it's such a sturdy well made shoe. She walked well in them and definitely wouldn't trip! Tons of room to grow! She of course loved that they are pink too!

After wearing shoes on the 4th that tied she has been very in to trying to tie her own shoes and asks me to teach her how. So when she saw these had laces she wanted to try yet again! She obviously doesn't have the coordination to achieve it yet but we will continue to help her learn!!

Don't be fooled by this face...she loves these shoes...but hates that I'm taking a picture of her and the shoes! "No pictures mommy!" Sigh.....

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