Monday, February 27, 2012

Casen-5 Months

A few days late but finally got it up!
Casen is 5 months now!
His new things:
Reaching out for our faces
Grabbing anything that comes near him! Including Emma and Jocelyn's hair! Whoops!
Sitting up a little longer now
Drinking a bottle much better

Tickle Spots:
Inner Thighs

Things that make him laugh:
Changing his diaper (literally burst into laughter half the time when I change his diaper)
Lifting up his hands
Playing peek-a-boo

Weekend Craziness!

We had a whirlwind weekend of plans! I left work early on Friday and picked up the kids and Steve! We dropped off the kids at my moms and rushed down to my childhood friends wedding in San Juan Capistrano by 5pm! Thankfully they delayed the wedding by 15 minutes or else we might have walked in with the bride!

It was so great to see friends I've known since I was 5 years old! Steve got to meet them all and we had a great time catching up!

My mom was so nice to let us stay the night up there and she watched both kiddos! Thankfully Casen let her get a little sleep!
Steve and I got to have a nice breakfast together in the morning and relax a little before we rushed back off for our next adventure's we had planned for that weekend!

Not often that you hear a really good best man speech! But this was a good one!

Their 1st dance!

We stayed down in Dana Point for the night! This was across the street from the hotel! Not a bad view!!

After Steve and I picked up the kids from my moms Saturday afternoon we had my Dad and Kelly and Ryan's family come over for dinner! My dad is here for 2 wks! It was his first time meeting Casen too! Casen of course was ALL smiles the minute he walked in! A very nice greeting for him!
We had fun playing in the backyard and the kids did a lot of coloring!

On Sunday Grandpa E took everyone to Adventure City! We all had a really great time! The weather was perfect too!

Can't wait to get in!

Jocelyn rode her 1st carousel ride! She had never wanted to do it before but sitting on the bench was OK! She rode it again with Grandpa E and me too!

We saw a magician that Jocelyn thought was hysterical!

Casen sat quietly in Grandpa E's arms!

First ride was the train of course! All kids agreed! Since Aunt Kelly is 7 months pregnant now we can't ride anything! So she took pictures and watched Casen!

Jocelyn loves choo choo trains!!

We got to ride on firetrucks and police cars!

Jocelyn wasn't so sure about this ride at first!

But as you can see Jocelyn warmed right up and had a blast on that ride!

Jocelyn even wanted to go again with mommy this time!

Next was the arcade!

Emma won big at the arcade! We put all the kids tickets together at the end of the day and each of them picked out a prize! Jocelyn insisted on a can of fake nuts. When you open them a spring pops out and scares everyone! Too cute!

Time to go home! Casen was SO good all day! Just quietly hung out in the stroller and took a few naps! Always my smiling little man!

We ended the weekend watching the Oscars! Jocelyn loved all the dancing and wanted to practice her splits! Soon after we all went to bed! We are exhausted!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hanging out!

Hanging out Saturday morning!

Jocelyn asked me to give her a "BIG pony....big!" today! So I did my best!

Casen was just hanging out in the morning while I did Jocelyn's hair!

He loves when Jocelyn plays peek-a-boo with him! He gets laughing SO hard sometimes! Love it!

Jocelyn loves to do everyone's hair including her own!

She finally realized it was it wasn't a Dandallion!

Then after very long naps we went back outside!

She had to count to 10 each time before she revealed her creation!

Ta-Da a sand castle!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Jocelyn has been growing so much lately! She fits very nicely into a 2T pants and dress now! I've had to go through her closet and pack up a lot of stuff! I haven't had to do that with her stuff for awhile! With her being so petite we got away with not having to buy her a lot of new stuff. Her leggings still fit her all the way down to 3-6months! STILL! With summer approaching I thought I better get a little bit bigger sizes for summer dresses. So I bought a few from! This online site has some of the cutest stuff! I got 3T's so she can grow into them! 2 fit perfectly already but the rest were so big they literally fell right off her! Her shoulders are just very small! Their prices are sometimes more than I would pay but when they have good deals I grab them! Here is one of the dresses I got her from there for $11!

Jocelyn has also been begging us for an "bumbella" or umbrella as we call them! She asks us for a "mimi mouse" one everytime she sees one! But I have never seen them out and about! So when I saw this Olivia (another favorite character of hers) on Zulily I had to grab it! It was only $8! Yes I know it doesn't rain a lot here but she will love to play outside with it I'm sure even in the sun!

Thankfully we have made two friends at gymnastics and they both have 1 year old boys! They both brought us 2 bags full of 9 month clothes for Casen! Some really cute stuff that will be great for daycare wearing! Jocelyn never grew out of her things. The only reason we had to get new things for her was because the weather changed! So I'm not use to putting clothes on a baby and them being too small! At almost 5 months Casen has blown through 3 months sizes and fits perfectly in 6months! But can also easily wear 9 month clothes already! Love the cargo pants someone gave us for him! They unbutton and I got 2 more inches! Woohoo!!

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

I wanted to start a tradition with Jocelyn and Casen to get Valentine's from us every year! This was the 1st year Jocelyn "got it" so we got her a little something to open in the morning!
She is really into monkey's right now so we got a pink monkey and then added some paper, Thomas the Train Pez into a monkey box! We also got her a little tiny bracelett! She loved it all!

This weekend Jocelyn helped me back Valentine's for her friends at daycare! Wish I had taken a picture but I completely forgot! We did red cups, with a boy toy and a girl toy and then stickers! We wrapped them in cello bags and tied a bow on it! Jocelyn helped me with the whole thing! Casen sat in his exersaucer and played while we did it too! Just when he started to have enough we were done!!! YAY!

She actually got Valentine's back from some of the kids at daycare too!

This is a close up of what we got Jocelyn!

Daddy couldn't wait until the actual day so the night before he and Casen gave Jocelyn and I our Valentine's! They got us chocolate covered bananas, strawberries and apples with cinnamon from Edible Arrangements!
They were SOO good as always!

Daddy also got us a bear holding a strawberry and a balloon!

Someone likes eating them a LOT!! Chocolate was everywhere!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!