Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Kelly and I both read this blog called Daytripping! It's all the fun things in OC you can do with your kids! Kelly saw a post about a FREE Barbie movie at the Ultra movie thearter in Anaheim Gardenwalk! So we took all 4 kids to see their first movie! The big plus was it was only about 30 minutes! They do this once a month keeping the lights low but not too dark! We knew it would be OK since it was filled with kids. But they were all actually much more quiet than we thought!
Emma would say, "Jocelyn look at the big fish!" as she pointed to the screen and Jocelyn would say, "OHH WOW!" Ha! It was pretty cool! Even Casen behaved!

The rest of the weekend we let the kids just hang out since we were all still recovering from being sick! Steve started to come down with it on Friday night!

Jocelyn LOVES playing in the bathroom sink with her dolls! She said, "mommy! baby is a MESS!" So we had to clean her up of course!

Sunday Casen was pretty cranky and needy! We decided to not go to our friends Super Bowl party either!
Jocelyn played in the sandbox outside for a bit! Then we took a walk and went to the park! It was so dry Jocelyn was getting a hoarse voice again! Ugh it's never ending with this weather!
We all voted Casen as our MVP player for the day!

This was our half time show! Towards the end of the night Jocelyn started to put her Elmo stickers that Grandma E had sent her on everyone's legs! Casen got some too! Jocelyn was showing us that she put a pretzel on her finger!

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