Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

I wanted to start a tradition with Jocelyn and Casen to get Valentine's from us every year! This was the 1st year Jocelyn "got it" so we got her a little something to open in the morning!
She is really into monkey's right now so we got a pink monkey and then added some paper, Thomas the Train Pez into a monkey box! We also got her a little tiny bracelett! She loved it all!

This weekend Jocelyn helped me back Valentine's for her friends at daycare! Wish I had taken a picture but I completely forgot! We did red cups, with a boy toy and a girl toy and then stickers! We wrapped them in cello bags and tied a bow on it! Jocelyn helped me with the whole thing! Casen sat in his exersaucer and played while we did it too! Just when he started to have enough we were done!!! YAY!

She actually got Valentine's back from some of the kids at daycare too!

This is a close up of what we got Jocelyn!

Daddy couldn't wait until the actual day so the night before he and Casen gave Jocelyn and I our Valentine's! They got us chocolate covered bananas, strawberries and apples with cinnamon from Edible Arrangements!
They were SOO good as always!

Daddy also got us a bear holding a strawberry and a balloon!

Someone likes eating them a LOT!! Chocolate was everywhere!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

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