Sunday, February 28, 2010

5 Months

Jocelyn will be 5 months on Tuesday! She changes everyday! She is just under 12lbs now. The dr said she is still fighting that horrible virus. We think that is where all her calories are going. So we are concentrating on upping her calorie intake now. We have started to supplement with a little formula! We will then move to solids in a month. Starting with green veggies! We have already started to get her use to a spoon which she loves. We just put a little milk on it and she chews it like it's a steak! Ha!

She has been rolling over from tummy to back since she was 2 months. But she almost rolled over from back to tummy this morning! She is so very close! She is also almost sitting up by herself too! She is right on track with her milestones! So fun to watch her learn new things everyday!

We have now started letting her sleep slightly propped up by recomendations from the doctor! This has helped her going back to sleeping through the night again! Yay!

Happy 5 months baby girl! Mommy and Daddy love you soo much!

Emma's First Birthday!

We had Emma's 1st birthday party yesterday! She had a tinkerbell cake that had a doll in it! She loved it! So many people came our despite the on and off rain! It was a great day and everyone was exhausted afterwards!
Mini cupcakes!
Emma telling Steve it's her bday!
My mom and Jocelyn!
It's tradition in our family that every baby girl gets a Madame Alexander doll on her 1st bday! Of course, Emma was no different! My mom got her the doll and my aunt got her the stroller! She loved it and pushed it all over the room all day long!

My dad and Jocelyn!
Landon came and did balloon animals for the kids! They of course loved it!

Tanya and I with the babies! Jocelyn LOVED Tanya's hair and pulled it right after this picture! Whoops!
Sweet baby girl!
My mom, Emma, my dad and Jocelyn!

Cake time!

She had to show everyone her cake!

Going for it!!!!

Ryan's Grandma, Jewell!
Baby Preston!

Ok, bye Grandpa E!

Ty and Jocelyn holding hands! So sweet!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


My Dad, Kevin and my Uncle Dan were here visitinh from Maine & Indiana!We've been having a great time!

We had Steve's parents come over Tuesday night to have dinner with us all!