Wednesday, February 3, 2010

4 Months

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. But Jocelyn turned 4 months yesterday! Her Sophie teething toy giraffe came in the mail just in time! She has just started putting everything in her mouth now. So the perfect time for her to meet sweet Sophie!

She's also started to arch her back when she is laying flat and tries to flip herself over. Although if we help her over, then she panics on her tummy! She just hates tummy time still!

She is 11lbs, 6oz (as of Monday) and smiling so much I can see her bottom gums! It's so stinking cute! She coo's and babbles so much now! I think we are going to have a talker!

You can barely see her "4 month" onesie this time! Just kinda hard to do pix during the middle of this week! Too much going on!

We are trying to get back to normal after coming home from the hospital on Saturday. Jocelyn has been doing so well we took her to daycare for a few hours today. She did really great! Even had 7oz at 3pm! She was all smiles tonight as well!

We had a follow up doctors appt on Monday and her pedi said for sure she had RSV. He said that you need a lot of mucus for that test and he didn't think they had enough since it came out negative. Regardless, she had a virus and the 3rd day got a UTI from so many cathetor tries! Again, he wasn't happy with all that went on at the hospital. So frustrating when you see 5-6 doctors that disagree with each other! Didn't you all attend similiar schools? Ugh! So I've done a ton of research and learned things on my own! We have a follow up to our "follow up" drs appt next Friday! Making sure she is gaining weight and making sure her lungs continue to clear!

We will eventually do a whole post on her hospital stay. Although I'm trying to forget the whole thing. But I just need to have a little more time before I revisit all the details!

Happy 4 months baby girl! We are so glad you are home and doing so much better! We love you so much!!!!

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